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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Highland Rail Trail

IMG_20150830_150845And somehow it is already Sunday again. Had a nice weekend where we mostly had both Saturday and Sunday off. Nice change of pace. 

It was a busy and drawn out week at work with schools starting up, training a new employee and other random things going on. Next week is the week before Labor Day so I am pretty sure it won't get any less busy any time soon.

Saturday we slept in and then had lunch in Oxford at 121. Later I was invited to a baby shower for a co-worker and afterwards met back up with Mike at Two Steps before eventually heading back home.

Today we took advantage of being able to sleep in again and then later drove to Poughkeepsie to check out a rail trail that runs through there. Even though it's been getting pretty muggy and humid again it was still nice to be outside for a bit. Had lunch at Blue Collar Brewery.

Later we are going to watch the VMAs or at least some of it. Set it to record so we can fast forward through the parts that don't interest us. Always kind of entertaining to watch these award shows though. 

Mail Update: A letter is going tomorrow to: Laura/Spain. Received letters from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA and Charles/TN.

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