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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cooking Sunday, Star Wars and more

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_The_Force_AwakensAnd already Monday again. Time seems to be flying. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, which is a holiday here in the US. But despite the importance and history of everything behind that holiday it is still a relatively minor holiday which meant that we did have to go to work either way. It was a bit of a quieter day at least since the schools,  banks, post office and most government  facilities were closed. 

We also were able to see the new Star Wars movie today. I know, I know. It's been out for ages but we didn't see it at first since we figured the theaters would be way too busy and crowded.  Plus I had never seen the older original movies.  So over the last week we binge watched the three original ones,  episode 4, 5 and 6, which was pretty fun. I have to admit liking them much more than I would have thought. 

Over the weekend I spent time with my friend Jana.  On Sunday I went over to her place and we went to Whole Foods for groceries, then made some delicious food.  Both of us like to cook but don't do it that much during the week.  About two weeks ago she invited me over for dinner. We had fun so we decided to do it again.  This time we made a mushroom, potato & wild bean soup followed by pesto stuffed chicken rollatini (with a side of wild rice pilaf and grilled vegetables) and spiced poached pears with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Watched a movie and had an enjoyable afternoon/evening.  

Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Jessica/DE. 

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