Sunday, January 08, 2017

Snowy Weekend and Golden Globes

Instaweather_20170108_140628Snowy Weekend.  Didn't even get that much snow in our area (about 6 inches = 15cm) but because of the brutal cold everything was sticking and not thawing/going away so things were a bit of a mess. But all in all could have been much worse of course. Just not a big fan of winter, the snow and crazy cold. Can I hibernate until spring?? 

The week went by ok. Survived my dentist appointment on Tuesday. I switched to a different dentist office and was pretty happy with the first visit. But going to the dentist is never fun for me. I still need to get my wisdom teeth out.  I will try and tackle that over the summer. Also need to look into getting braces because of the way my teeth are, upper and lower teeth grinding against each other and causing issues with the structure of the teeth. I really don't want braces but I guess I will go for a consultation after my training in Pittsburgh and see what they say. Consultations are free so I guess it can't hurt to at least evaluate my options. Also have 2 front teeth with very short roots that may cause problems and have to be replaced with implants if they come loose. Fun. This is why I don't enjoy the dentist.  No matter how nice they are the news is never good for me. Ugh. 

Saturday we had an appointment with Bailey at the vet. She healed well and they were able to remove her sutures and she was able to come home without her cone.  Yay. So the vet visit was definitely much more enjoyable than the dentist visit.  Haha. :) Check-up in 3 months for x-rays to make sure the cancer and bladder stones don't come back. 

Today we went to the movies to see "Hidden Figures". What a great movie.  Really enjoyed it. Now we are in Oxford at 121 for lunch.  Eventually going to head back home to catch up on some shows on TiVo before watching the Golden Globes. Should be a nice night. Then tomorrow it's back to work already again. Weekends always fly by too fast. :)

Letter/Mail Update: Received letters/owe a reply to: Kimber/Canada, Celia/MA and Lotte/Denmark.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Movie Weekend

PixlrAnd the four day weekend is already coming to an end again  How do 4 days fly by that fast? But I can't complain.  It's been a nice, relaxing weekend.  

Thursday was Thanksgiving.  And we went to the movies to see "The Edge of Seventeen" followed by a delicious dinner at the Hopkins Inn. Super yummy food and a nice time with Mike and our friend Robin. Nice relaxed night.  

Friday we went to the movies again,  this time to see "Arrival" which was also a good movie.  Neat story. Sort of like "Contact" but with more alien interaction if that makes any sense at all. Pretty meta. Definitely enjoyed it  Afterwards we had lunch in Oxford at 121 and later caught up on more recorded TV shows. 

Saturday we slept in after staying up past 1am watching TV. Checked out the new Mexican restaurant Puerto Vallarta that opened in Danbury recently.  And later in the afternoon I started on my Christmas cards and finished the international batch (35 or so) I still have the US/Canada ones to do and that's another 40 to 50. Busy,  busy.  I have ordered most of my international gifts as well.  Decided to go with the online shopping route this year as it's easier and less chance of stuff getting lost. Last year almost all my international gifts disappeared in the mail. So annoying.  

Today we went to the movies one more time to round out the weekend and saw "Rules Don't Apply" which had an indie movie feel to it. Now we are at a local restaurant called The Marketplace where one of our friends is playing an acoustic set from 1 to 4pm for brunch. Very fun and a relaxing way to end the weekend. 

 Letter/Mail Update: All caught up with my mail at the moment :)

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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Fall Weather, Waiting Game & Ikea

PixlrHappy October :) It has definitely turned very fall like this past week even though we haven't seen too much color on the trees. I guess I just mean just in general it's been a lot cooler, breezy, often misty/rainy and chilly.  Definitely more of a fall-feel rather than late summer. But I suppose that makes sense considering it's October now. We often do get nice weather throughout October here though so I hope that the weather turns back to being nicer soon. I like fall weather but I like it better when it's sunny and breezy rather than damp and chilly. 

Went to my 4th interview at a company this past Monday. At this point it's a big waiting game. Hoping to have an answer soon, hopefully a positive one but honestly any answer so I know where I stand. There is a second job that is also hanging in limbo, plus still looking at different postings online of course. Well hopefully on next week's post I will have something more solid to write. :) 

Went to the movies yesterday to see "The Dressmaker", an Australian movie starring Kate Winslet. It released in Australia ages ago and seemed to have won a bunch of awards. I really enjoyed it even though it wasn't a big release here in the US at all. But sometimes finding gems like that can be truly fun. 

On Friday we saw our friend Tim who now lives in Florida. Was fun to hang out and catch up over lunch. Going to see him and his girlfriend Sam again later today for dinner. Will be nice to be able to hang out and spend some more time. We used to hang out a lot when he lived in CT so it's a nice treat to see him. Always fun to be able to catch up with friends you don't normally get to see that often. 

In other news my parents got me a $500 gift card from IKEA for my upcoming birthday later this month. Super excited. :) I love IKEA. We want to finally buy a new couch so maybe we can do that next week, depending on what else comes up. We will see. Right now I am looking at a few different options, maybe this one or this one or maybe this one. So many choices. :) I figure we will go there and look at them in person, sit on them and see how we like them and make a decision from there. We also need to measure the inside of our car to try and figure out if we can fit the boxes inside our car. We might have to rent a pick-up or van at U-Haul. We will see. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark.   

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Hopkins Inn

IMG_20160807_193341And somehow it's already Monday again. Really, where has this past month gone?

This past week I had my unemployment hearing and all went well. They released my funds so at least there is a little bit of money coming in now which is helpful. I also received a return phone call from the logistics job I applied to. Was really excited for a minute but unfortunately that excitement didn't last all that long. Pretty soon into it they told me that it was an entry level position and what it would be paying (quite a bit less than what I had made at my old job) so I had to decline. I am figuring that I shouldn't sell myself short just yet. If I am still without a job in a few months then I will be willing to accept offers that aren't quite what I really want. But I figure for now I should be reaching high and look for the best opportunities rather than pick the first thing that comes my way.  So I will keep searching, looking and applying and see what the future holds. 

The weather was pretty decent most of the week. Saturday it was a little off with high humidity and storms during the later part of the day. So we decided to stay indoors and went to see Star Trek which was really good. 

Sunday the weather was much nicer so we decided to go for a walk outside, along a river. And afterwards had a small bite and some drinks at the Alpenhaus Steinbock Tavern in New Milford followed by a delicious dinner at the Hopkins Inn overlooking Lake Waramaug. I am always happy when we get to go there (we usually try to go once during the summer). We also usually try to time it so it's a nice weather day so we get to sit outside. They have a huge patio and porch area overlooking the lake - very pretty. And of course super delicious food. Had escargot as an appetizer, cordon bleu for my entree and toblerone sundae for dessert. Soo good!! After we got back home we relaxed for a bit and watched "Moonrise Kingdom", a Wes Anderson film we hadn't seen yet.

Tomorrow we have tickets to see Best Coast in Hamden and on Wednesday I am going to meet up with our Australian friends. They are currently in L.A. but will be making their way to NY tonight on a red-eye flight. Will be great to see them again. :)  

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up. No outstanding mail at the moment.  

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Hikes

IMG_20160730_133244Finally the weather has cooled down a bit after a whole week of 90+ degree F (33C) temps. It's dreary outside today, cloudy with the occasional rain shower passing through. But I am totally fine with that. It's a nice break from the crazy heat and sun. Nothing against nice summer weather but when it's so hot and sometimes humid on top of it ... yeah no, that's not my kind of weather. Honestly I would be happy with year round mid 70ies F (23C), a nice breeze, no humidity, that's my perfect weather. :) 

Well enough complaining. Yesterday, while humid, was still a pretty nice day especially the first part of the day. So we took advantage of it and went to Ossining, NY (about 35 min drive from us) to check out a place called Teatown Lake Reservation. A bunch of neat trails. We only did the Lakeside Trail which as the name suggests circles a lake. About 1.5 miles so not super long but it was really nice with lots of pretty views. There are plenty of other trails we will need to check out when it's less hot and humid. I bet it would be super pretty there in the fall as well. Always excited to find new places. 

After our hike/walk we went for lunch at a restaurant nearby called "The Boathouse". It was right near the Hudson and we were able to sit outside in the shade overlooking the river/boats. Had a delicious avocado and crabmeat salad. Yum. Glad to have found a new restaurant that's close to some nice hiking trails. Perfect combo. :) 

Today we are going to stay indoors and head to the movies to see the new Bourne film. Looking forward to that. Afterwards we will probably go to lunch somewhere. Should be a relaxed day all in all. 

Tomorrow I have my unemployment hearing over the phone at 10.15 am. It's mostly a formality since I was laid off (they have some questions in regards to the vacation pay that was paid out to me etc) So I will need to deal with that tomorrow. Other than that nothing planned for the rest of the week as of yet. Will try and get some more reading in. Applied for a neat sounding job close to home and hoping that I might hear back from them as well. Fingers crossed.  

Letter/Mail Update: A letter went out to Celia/MA on Thursday. 

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Work, Movies, Dentist

IMG_20160515_155058So here we are. Another Sunday and a week later. Was a busy week at work following the merger of the companies. Still a lot of things up in the air on big picture things. Just trying to work on a day to day basis right now, figuring out how to keep certain things separate and merge others. Just a lot to work out. 

So that's been number one this past week, just figuring out how to make everything work. It will all be ok in the long run. It's just a matter of getting there that's the trick. :) 

In light of all of that I cancelled my wisdom tooth surgery because I didn't want to take of the time from work. But of course my teeth decided that they didn't want to cooperate. I started to develop pain and sensitivity in my front teeth so I had to make an appointment for last Friday anyway.

And of course the news wasn't fun. Really, when is it ever when you are talking about things to do with the dentist? I have to get a root canal. So I have a 2 hour appointment tomorrow night at 6pm. Then I am going to haveto make another shorter appointment after that. Ugh. 

In more fun news went to the movies today to see "Money Monster" (George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Caitriona Balfe who stars in the Starz show Outlander I love) Really enjoyed the movie. 

Let's see what next week brings at work. One day at a time. Right? 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for now. :) 

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Monday, March 07, 2016

Deadpool Movie Weekend

Pixlr_20160307100042203And somehow it's already Monday again. I am not sure anything super noteworthy happened last week. The beginning of the week dragged a lot but we eventually made it to the weekend which of course flew by way too fast. As always. 

Worked Saturday (that seems to be the theme as of late, trying to get back to an every-other-week schedule but hasn't really been happening) but at least we were able to work from home which made things a little nicer. 

Thursday I had a dentist appointment in the morning for a deep cleaning. Ugh. Honestly the worst part are the shots they give you to numb you. Huge needle. Ugh. But of course you don't want to have to go through that without any numbing either so it's the only logical choice. It didn't really hurt once everything was numb. The numbness stays for a few hours which is also always a really very feeling. 

Anyway, I survived. Getting the other half done at the end of the month. Ugh again. But I guess it is what it is. We will see what comes after that. Of course the dentist had a huge long list of things they want to fix, what else is new? 

Yesterday, on Sunday, we went to see the movie "Deadpool" at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers. Such a cool movie theater where you can order food and drinks right from your seat throughout the movie. We ordered cheese fries and mini hot dogs along with some drinks. The movie was pretty neat too. I am not usually a super hero movie fan but this was different and pretty fun. And having good food and drinks while watching the movie always makes the experience better as well. 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail at this moment. :)

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Cooking Sunday, Star Wars and more

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_The_Force_AwakensAnd already Monday again. Time seems to be flying. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, which is a holiday here in the US. But despite the importance and history of everything behind that holiday it is still a relatively minor holiday which meant that we did have to go to work either way. It was a bit of a quieter day at least since the schools,  banks, post office and most government  facilities were closed. 

We also were able to see the new Star Wars movie today. I know, I know. It's been out for ages but we didn't see it at first since we figured the theaters would be way too busy and crowded.  Plus I had never seen the older original movies.  So over the last week we binge watched the three original ones,  episode 4, 5 and 6, which was pretty fun. I have to admit liking them much more than I would have thought. 

Over the weekend I spent time with my friend Jana.  On Sunday I went over to her place and we went to Whole Foods for groceries, then made some delicious food.  Both of us like to cook but don't do it that much during the week.  About two weeks ago she invited me over for dinner. We had fun so we decided to do it again.  This time we made a mushroom, potato & wild bean soup followed by pesto stuffed chicken rollatini (with a side of wild rice pilaf and grilled vegetables) and spiced poached pears with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Watched a movie and had an enjoyable afternoon/evening.  

Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Jessica/DE. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Movie Weekend

Collage_20151018155741687And somehow it is already Sunday evening again.  And it's so cold out (hovering just a few degrees above freezing) and even SNOWED earlier.  Snow.  WTH. Ugh. Not ready for that yet. It's supposed to warm up a bit again mid week but until then I am digging out my boots, winter jacket,  scarf, etc. Brrr.

All in all had a nice weekend though.  Yesterday, Saturday, we had to work but got out around 2. Headed down to Yonkers for a late lunch at the Yardhouse and then to the movies at the Alamo Drafthouse (what a cool theater - they have a full menu with food & alcohol - and servers that get you anything you want thoughout the movie) Saw "The Keeping Room" which was very good.  Then afterwards watched the rest of the first Mets-Cubs game at Two Steps. 

Today, Sunday, we went to catch a matinee of "The Bridge of Spies", the new Steven Spielberg movie starring Tom Hanks.  Another really great movie.  Thouroughly enjoyed it. After the movies we headed to Oxford for lunch.  After we wrap up here we are going to head home and catch up on some more recorded TV. 

Then tomorrow it is already Monday.  And another week of crazy work ahead. Oh well. At least at the end of the week I have our Finger Lakes 2 night trip to look forward to. Yay for relaxing and wine tasting.  :) 

Mail Update: Letters  have gone out last Friday to: Charles/TN and Lotte/Denmark. Received letters from: Carmen/Malta and Nina/WA.  

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

NYC Movie Afternoon

Collage_20150531170920059_resizedAnd already almost June. This year is definitely flying by. Was off Monday for Memorial Day. The rest of the week was pretty busy dealing with post holiday stuff at work. Now we are past that but next week I have someone on vacation so that's going to be a busy week too I am sure. Well we will see how it goes.

Saturday I had to work but we got out at 2 and headed down to the city. Traffic was crazy so it took much longer than we had anticipated. But we still managed to have a drink and quick snack before going to the movies. Saw "Barely Lethal" at a theater in the East Village. A fun movie and neat combo of your stereotypical teen movie (aka Clueless, Mean Girls, She's all that, 10 Things I hate about you, etc) and spy movie with combat/fight scenes. 

After the movie we decided to walk back to midtown rather than take the subway since the weather was nice. Walked past a bunch of places and decided to stop at a cool looking wine bar called Vitis on 3rd Avenue. We're only going to have a drink but then ended up staying quite late and didn't get home till almost 1am. Definitely a cool place and fun atmosphere. 

Today we slept in and then had lunch at Elmer's before heading to the movies to see "Aloha". Weird weather day today with showers and thunderstorms throughout the whole day so it was a good movie day. Stopped at work after to finish up some month end stuff. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark. 

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