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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Work, Movies, Dentist

IMG_20160515_155058So here we are. Another Sunday and a week later. Was a busy week at work following the merger of the companies. Still a lot of things up in the air on big picture things. Just trying to work on a day to day basis right now, figuring out how to keep certain things separate and merge others. Just a lot to work out. 

So that's been number one this past week, just figuring out how to make everything work. It will all be ok in the long run. It's just a matter of getting there that's the trick. :) 

In light of all of that I cancelled my wisdom tooth surgery because I didn't want to take of the time from work. But of course my teeth decided that they didn't want to cooperate. I started to develop pain and sensitivity in my front teeth so I had to make an appointment for last Friday anyway.

And of course the news wasn't fun. Really, when is it ever when you are talking about things to do with the dentist? I have to get a root canal. So I have a 2 hour appointment tomorrow night at 6pm. Then I am going to haveto make another shorter appointment after that. Ugh. 

In more fun news went to the movies today to see "Money Monster" (George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Caitriona Balfe who stars in the Starz show Outlander I love) Really enjoyed the movie. 

Let's see what next week brings at work. One day at a time. Right? 

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for now. :) 

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