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Sunday, May 22, 2016

NYC - Punk & Rock Walking Tour

Instaplace_20160521_132852Another busy week  but we were lucky to have both Saturday and Sunday off which was nice.  Somehow it's already late Sunday afternoon again though. Where does all the time go? 

Work was busy as expected. Plenty of changes at work and things that need to be dealt with. Nothing bad per se. Just a lot of new procedures and things to get used to. All the changes make sense,  just a matter of implementing everything.  

I had my dentist appointment on Monday night but the infection and swelling was still too much so they couldn't finish the root canal.  I have been taking my antibiotics and have another appointment scheduled this coming week on Thursday.  So hopefully they can finish the root canal then.  Ugh. I leave for Europe on May 31st so there is not a lot of time left to get this teeth stuff straightened out. Ugh. 

Saturday we took the train into NYC. For Mike's birthday I got  him a walking tour called the "East Village Rock n Punk Tour". We waited for the weather to be nicer and booked it for this Saturday. Had fun wandering though the East Village and Alphabet City for 2 hours.  Pretty cool. Afterwards we had a yummy lunch in the West Village at Burger & Barrel. Yum! Had the best croissant sandwich, open faced with black forest ham, gruyere cheese, dijon and topped with a sunny side egg. Delicious.

Today, Sunday, we just slept in late, which was really nice. Dropped off the laundry and ran a few other errands before going for a leisurely lunch at 121 in Oxford. Enjoying a lovely French rose from the Provence right now before we had back home to catch up on some shows.  

Mail Update: All caught up with my mail for now. :) 

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