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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Fall Weather, Waiting Game & Ikea

PixlrHappy October :) It has definitely turned very fall like this past week even though we haven't seen too much color on the trees. I guess I just mean just in general it's been a lot cooler, breezy, often misty/rainy and chilly.  Definitely more of a fall-feel rather than late summer. But I suppose that makes sense considering it's October now. We often do get nice weather throughout October here though so I hope that the weather turns back to being nicer soon. I like fall weather but I like it better when it's sunny and breezy rather than damp and chilly. 

Went to my 4th interview at a company this past Monday. At this point it's a big waiting game. Hoping to have an answer soon, hopefully a positive one but honestly any answer so I know where I stand. There is a second job that is also hanging in limbo, plus still looking at different postings online of course. Well hopefully on next week's post I will have something more solid to write. :) 

Went to the movies yesterday to see "The Dressmaker", an Australian movie starring Kate Winslet. It released in Australia ages ago and seemed to have won a bunch of awards. I really enjoyed it even though it wasn't a big release here in the US at all. But sometimes finding gems like that can be truly fun. 

On Friday we saw our friend Tim who now lives in Florida. Was fun to hang out and catch up over lunch. Going to see him and his girlfriend Sam again later today for dinner. Will be nice to be able to hang out and spend some more time. We used to hang out a lot when he lived in CT so it's a nice treat to see him. Always fun to be able to catch up with friends you don't normally get to see that often. 

In other news my parents got me a $500 gift card from IKEA for my upcoming birthday later this month. Super excited. :) I love IKEA. We want to finally buy a new couch so maybe we can do that next week, depending on what else comes up. We will see. Right now I am looking at a few different options, maybe this one or this one or maybe this one. So many choices. :) I figure we will go there and look at them in person, sit on them and see how we like them and make a decision from there. We also need to measure the inside of our car to try and figure out if we can fit the boxes inside our car. We might have to rent a pick-up or van at U-Haul. We will see. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark.   

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