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Monday, August 08, 2016

Hopkins Inn

IMG_20160807_193341And somehow it's already Monday again. Really, where has this past month gone?

This past week I had my unemployment hearing and all went well. They released my funds so at least there is a little bit of money coming in now which is helpful. I also received a return phone call from the logistics job I applied to. Was really excited for a minute but unfortunately that excitement didn't last all that long. Pretty soon into it they told me that it was an entry level position and what it would be paying (quite a bit less than what I had made at my old job) so I had to decline. I am figuring that I shouldn't sell myself short just yet. If I am still without a job in a few months then I will be willing to accept offers that aren't quite what I really want. But I figure for now I should be reaching high and look for the best opportunities rather than pick the first thing that comes my way.  So I will keep searching, looking and applying and see what the future holds. 

The weather was pretty decent most of the week. Saturday it was a little off with high humidity and storms during the later part of the day. So we decided to stay indoors and went to see Star Trek which was really good. 

Sunday the weather was much nicer so we decided to go for a walk outside, along a river. And afterwards had a small bite and some drinks at the Alpenhaus Steinbock Tavern in New Milford followed by a delicious dinner at the Hopkins Inn overlooking Lake Waramaug. I am always happy when we get to go there (we usually try to go once during the summer). We also usually try to time it so it's a nice weather day so we get to sit outside. They have a huge patio and porch area overlooking the lake - very pretty. And of course super delicious food. Had escargot as an appetizer, cordon bleu for my entree and toblerone sundae for dessert. Soo good!! After we got back home we relaxed for a bit and watched "Moonrise Kingdom", a Wes Anderson film we hadn't seen yet.

Tomorrow we have tickets to see Best Coast in Hamden and on Wednesday I am going to meet up with our Australian friends. They are currently in L.A. but will be making their way to NY tonight on a red-eye flight. Will be great to see them again. :)  

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up. No outstanding mail at the moment.  

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