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Monday, July 31, 2017

Another busy week but a relaxing weekend to close out the week

Pixlr (3)Made it through the week and a half of coverage while my co-worker was out without too many issues. Of course Thursday and Friday when she was back was really nice but also meant trying to catch up on all my own stuff. Still not quite there yet, summer being the busy season doesn't really help but what can you do? Today I am covering for someone else who's out but I think it's only for one day so that shouldn't be too too bad. It's almost August. I don't know where the summer has gone but I guess that's what happens when you are so busy. 

It's weird in a way because it's the complete polar opposite from my old job. Summer was our slower season there due to the schools being out. Although the beginning and end of the summer always had some craziness mixed in due to the summer camps starting up and winding down. So that was a whole different thing altogether. It's definitely a different environment working in relocation. 

Not too much else has happened really. My dad has been struggling with his health a bit as of late but things hopefully seem to be on the upside again. Fingers crossed. Mike and I had a very low key weekend. I think we both needed it after a busy work week. We slept in late both days and didn't really do much. Saturday we had lunch at 121 in Oxford and on Sunday we went to Rosy's and had a nice lunch outside (they had their Seafood Fest going on which means crab legs for Mike - yum) Later on Sunday we caught up on some TiVo shows. We still have quite a bit to catch up on from last season so it's good to make a dent before the new fall stuff starts up. 

Well let's see what this week brings. Mondays are always hard. But hopefully it won't be too bad of a week. We will see how it goes. Mike is off to L.A. to meet up with our Australian friend Nicki while she's stateside. Wish I could go but taking time off right during the busy season doesn't seem like a good idea. Plus I have a 10 day vacation booked for September to go to Europe and see my parents. But in November we will finally get to take a vacation together again. Over Thanksgiving week we will be flying to the Azores for a week (Sun to Sun) so I am really looking forward to that. Managed to get a really good travel deal so that's always nice. Well, enough dreaming about vacation and traveling for now, better get ready for work considering it's Monday and all. 

Letter/Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Laura/Spain, Eloine/NY, Michele/CA, Carmen/Malta, Kimber/Canada and Nina/WA.

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