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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Appointments & Christmas Cards & Bailey

Pixlr (8)Alright a little behind schedule. I usually try to write my posts on Sunday or latest Monday morning but now it's already Tuesday morning. Just never got to it over the weekend and then yesterday was a crazy day too so yeah here we are on Tuesday. Let's see what did the last week bring? Mmmm .. I guess nothing too eventful for the most part. Work's steady. It's definitely less busy than it was during the summer but not dead by all means. I still have plenty to do. Also getting a lot more international shipments lately which means I need to remember all of the things that I learned during my training months and months ago. At least it's keeping me on my toes right? 

Tuesday last week I had my yearly physical/dr appointment so that's done for another year at least. This week on Thursday I have my follow up with the orthodontist to talk about my braces. Ugh. Not really looking forward to that. But I guess what needs to be done needs to be done. 

Saturday we went to the movies to see "Murder on the Orient Express". Really enjoyed it. They changed a few things from the book but nothing too drastic. I liked this version of Hercule Poirot better in some ways as well. And the cinematography was really stunning. Lots of great landscape shots as the train makes it way through the mountains etc. After the movies we had lunch and then in the evening I decided to tackle my international Christmas cards. I figured I should get a headstart on them as we will be gone for a week (off to the Azores) and when we come back it will be close to December already. Anyone who has moved since last year or anyone who didn't get a card from me last year who wants one, do let me know. :) 

Sunday we slept in for a bit and then moved a few more things around. All the old furniture from the bedroom is now mostly moved to other parts of the apartment or has been discarded. We have a few more things to do but we're getting there. It's nice to have things falling into place. Always enjoy being organized. :) 

Yesterday, Monday, I called the vet early in the morning to see if I could get an appointment for Bailey and they were able to get me in for that afternoon. She has been coughing so I wanted to get that checked out before we leave for the Azores. Unfortunately the news wasn't all that great. They had to do an x-ray and the x-ray came back inconclusive. They said it could be asthma but it's also possible that her cancer (she had that mammory tumor when we first got her) has come back is spreading. It's also possible it's an infection but something was showing on the x-ray that left open some questions. So she got an antibiotic and steroid shot and we have a follow up appointment in three weeks on Dec. 2nd for another x-ray. We will see what that shows. Fingers crossed. Please send good vibes and thoughts for my little cat. We have only had her for a year and before that she lived on the street in NYC and in shelters. So she really deserves a good life.  

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up with my mail at the moment. 

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