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Monday, November 06, 2017

Halloween, Bedroom Set and Daylight Savings

Pixlr (7)And somehow it's already November 6. I really don't know where the time goes sometimes. Thanksgiving is in just a little over 2 weeks. Not really too worried over Thanksgiving itself this year as we won't be out of the country. When we are here we tend to go for a nice dinner at the Hopkins Inn. But this year we will be in the Azores. No complaints there. :) In past years we have gone up to Canada for a long weekend and one year we flew to Austria via Turkey (stop over in Istanbul for the day) Only 2 more full weeks at work before we get a full week off. I am looking forward to that. :) Definitely something to hold on to when it's Monday morning right now. The weather is dreary and rainy outside. Definitely not making me feel like going anywhere. Oh well. 

Last week was Halloween and we really didn't do too much for that either. We stopped by our local hangout Two Steps to visit our bartender friend Tyler. He loves Halloween and was dressed up while bartending (he was dressed up as a mix of Deadpool and Wonder Woman - pretty entertaining) I used to be more into Halloween when I first moved to the US. I think because then it was new and fun and something we didn't have in Austria. I was excited about carving pumpkins and handing out candy to trick and treaters. But 16ish years later I am really not that into it anymore. It gets to be too commercial as well. But that's really the case with most of the holidays. 

November 1st everyone decided to switch into holiday mode. All of a sudden there is a Christmas and holiday stuff everywhere. People are out shopping, traffic is crazy. It's only early November, so bizzare. We still have Thanksgiving before we even get into December. Well oh well. I know I am sounding like a scrooge right now. I do enjoy the holiday season, I just wish it wasn't so crazy and not thrown into our faces for two full straight months. Bah Humbug. 

In more fun news we received our new bedroom set on Friday. I worked from home that day so I was able to greet the delivery crew. They were super efficient and fast and had everything brought inside, assembled and set up in less than an hour. Pretty impressive. Very happy with how everything looks and the mattress has been really nice to sleep on. We got a Bob-o-pedic (which is basically their version of a tempurpedic. It's a Queen size bed, we only had a full before, so it's a little bigger which is nice too. Very happy. 

Saturday we slept in for a bit, had lunch and later I moved some things around and organized to get things back to where they need to be. We continued that on Sunday morning, taking apart a shelf we don't need anymore, and also moving an old dresser into the hallway. It actually looks pretty good there so that's a plus. We still have a second dresser to move which I think we will put into the kitchen. Not a 100% sure how it will look there yet but hopefully it will work ok. I want to keep the old dressers to have some more storage space as we are always struggling with staying organized.  

Letter/Mail Update: Letters are going out today to: Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA, Eloine/NY, Carmen/Malta and Eunice/Malta. 

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