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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the Azores

IMG_20171120_203948_765Hello from the Azores. :) Been meaning to write a quick post since we got here and now it's IMG_20171121_221856_664 already Wednesday evening. How did we get here? :) 

Well anyway, we left Boston Sunday night and got here early Monday morning. Our flight landed at 6am. We ended up having to wait till about 7.45 to pick up our rental car so we grabbed a tea/coffee. The ride to the hotel from the airport was relatively short (approx. 15 min) As it was raining and dark and we got lucky and got a room when we got to the hotel we decided to take a nap. We got up again a bit after 11am and by that time the weather had cleared up a bit which was nice. Headed into Porta Delgada and explored the city a bit. Walked around and ended up having lunch. Then walked around some more before heading back to the hotel. It started pouring again just as we left the parking garage so all in all we lucked out with the weather. 

Yesterday was a nice day weather-wise and we made the most of it. We headed to Sete Cidades, one of the main attractions. Super pretty and stunning views. Lots of windy, slightly scary mountain roads but the views were great. Checked out various view points around the area to get different views of the lakes. After that we headed to Ponta da Ferraria where they have hot springs right next to the ocean. Pretty neat. And then went to Mosteiros to have lunch. Found a yummy restaurant where I decided to be brave and tried octopus in a red wine sauce. It looked like I was eating an alien but was pretty tasty. 

Today the weather was supposed to be pretty decent in the morning so we headed to the east side of the island all the way to the end to Nordeste. Pretty views of the coast, a neat lighthouse, cute town, beautiful gardens and some super cute stray cats. Just as we were done there the weather started to deteriorate and it began pouring. Made our way over to Furnas where we had lunch at Tony's. The area is known for the hot springs so it was pretty neat to walk around and see all the boiling water/springs and sulphur smell. The weather was still misty after lunch so we decided to skip the overlook of the lakes/springs/town and headed back. Using the time to update my blog and will write my cards. 

Looks like weather is clearing up some now with some sun peeking out but not sure what it will bring for tomorrow. We will decide what to do tomorrow later I suppose. Weird to think it's Thanksgiving tomorrow. They are doing a Thanksgiving dinner here at the hotel although honestly it's not even that traditional. Don't think we will attend but who knows.

 Letter/Mail Update: All caught up with my mail at the moment. 

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