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Saturday, November 25, 2017

More scenery, ankle/phone issues and almost time go home

23735218_935434416605675_6143994083212787712_nHello again. Can't believe it's already time to fly back home tomorrow. Where has this week gone? Time really does fly by.  IMG_20170914_181225_444

So let's see, what has happened since my last post? Thanksgiving Day we headed back into Ponta Delgada to check out the old fort which now houses a military museum. Wandered around there for a while. The weather was a bit iffy but not too terrible. When we were done there we headed to the seaside town of Caloura for lunch. Someone had recommended a restaurant there and we were very happy with our lunch spot right by the sea. Had a delicious seafood lunch overlooking the waves. At one point a thunderstorm rolled through so we had to move back under the awning but it was just a good excuse to stay a little longer, have a cappuccino, dessert and some more wine. When we were done we checked out the next town over Villa Franco do Campo before heading back to the hotel. Definitely a great Thanksgiving Day, albeit non-traditional. :)

Yesterday, Friday, we headed to Lagoa do Fogo which is another scenic lake, high up in the mountains. Which meant another windy mountain road but the views were worth it. Despite some clouds we were relatively lucky with the weather and were able to snap some good pictures. Afterwards we drove to the tea plantation/factory Gorreana. Was neat to see the planted tea and also how it is processed. You also get to taste the tea and of course there was a neat little gift shop as well. Lots of cute cats hanging around the parking lot so all in all a great spot. 

After that we headed to Ribeira Grande, another city right on the ocean. Found another great restaurant with ocean views and great food. Had a great lunch and afterwards decided to check out the old town section a bit to get some pictures. That's where things went a bit sideways as my clumsiness set in and I slipped/missed a step and smashed myself and my phone into the cobblestoned sidewalk/street. My phone is pretty smashed up. So far it's still working but no telling if it will last. And my ankle is pretty banged up but I am hopeful that it's just a sprain and nothing worse. I made sure to put ice on it and keep it elevated. 

Today we took it easy due to my ankle but still managed to have a nice lunch. Mike dropped me off in front of the restaurant so that worked out ok. And the hotel gave us a recommendation for dinner for a nice restaurant with a parking lot. Originally we had talked about going to a tapas bar but that was in the old town in Ponta Delgada and involved quite a bit more walking. Trying to take it easy with the walking as I will need to of course walk tomorrow at the airport etc. 

Well oh well. I guess I am used to it, having been a clumsy person pretty much all my life. Could have been worse and at least it happened toward the tail end of our trip and not right at the start. 

Letter/Mail Update: All caught up with my mail at the moment. 

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