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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Is spring finally getting here? Almost time to leave for Europe ...

PixlrAnother week gone by and the weather is still being kind of weird. Today the high is supposed to be 60F (15C) and that's actually really nice compared to some of the temps we have been having. Plus it's sunny which is nice. But tonight overnight it will go back down to 35 (barely above freezing) Such weird weather. I think after mid week it is supposed to get a little better but it won't really matter to me anymore then as I will be on a plane heading to Europe on Wednesday. :) I am leaving Wednesday night, getting to Munich Thursday morning and connecting to Trieste, Italy. From there it's a little over an hour to get to the town in Croatia where our hotel is. I started pre-packing some of my things yesterday, just to get ahead of the game. Mainly to try to make sure that I have all the things I am bringing with me for other people. Just as I wrote that I thought of one other thing I needed to make sure to bring. Yup, pretty much how it goes with me. I collect things throughout the year to bring with me for various people when I go to Austria. And then it becomes a game of remembering all the stuff stored all over the apartment when it's actually time to go. 

So anyway I started pre-packing last night and been adding small things here and there since then. Our cat Mindy was "helping" me last night when I was trying to pack. What is it with cats and suitcases? Well I guess a suitcase is really just a slightly different shaped box and we all know that cats love boxes. So hey, it makes sense. So yeah Mindy was helping me while I gathered things. And then after I was done I rewarded myself with an episode of "Outlander" while Sadie curled up on my lap purring. It's going to be weird going to Austria and not seeing my parent's cat Jumbo. Did I write about him on here? I am not even sure if I did. Jumbo was my parent's cat, a super gentle sweet Maine Coon cat, and passed away suddenly about a month ago. He wasn't even that old, I think maybe 8 or 9, but Maine Coon's can be prone to heart disease so we are thinking it may have been something to do with that as he went from "fine" to "not fine at all" within 24 hours more or less. Poor kitty. I will miss seeing him during my visits. 

So yeah, pretty much set to go on Wednesday. I tried to put my work stuff in order but that's all a "work in progress" until I actually leave as things could still change, new files be added, etc. But everything seems to be in as decent of an order as it can be for right now. Yesterday, Saturday, we slept in and then had lunch at 121 in Oxford. Today I took care of some stuff around the apartment this morning, put on the spring bedset and finally switched out my winter deco for the spring deco. When I come back from Europe it will be May and I really don't want winter stuff around in May. :) 

Letter/Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Tiffany/OK. 

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