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Sunday, June 02, 2019

Low key weekend - oh hello June

RocketmanActually getting around to updating on a Sunday which seems rare these days. Had a short work week which still seemed long but eventually made it Rocketman2through it. Yesterday, Saturday, we went to the movies to see 'Rocketman" (the Elton John movie) It was set up like a musical and I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Elton John's music. It wasn't your typical biopic, definitely more unique. I also think this would lend itself perfectly to Broadway so I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on Broadway as a musical. After the movies we had lunch at 121 in Oxford and later caught up on some TV shows at home. 

Not really much going on today either. The weather has actually been pretty nice this weekend but since we had a full weekend last weekend we decided to take it easy this weekend and not really do much. Today we slept in and right now Mike has taken the car for service and an oil change. When he is back we'll probably head to lunch at Rosy's. The weather is nice so we should be able to sit outside on their patio. I always enjoy being able to do that. It's a little humid today but I guess that's probably because we are supposed to get thunderstorms later today. 

No huge plans for the rest of the day. Need to head to the store to stock up on some groceries and cat food etc. And then will probably just catch up on some more TV. Sunday is usually our traditional TV night where we watch a bunch of our shows from the DVR. And then it's already Monday again tomorrow. Really dreading that but what can you do? :) Should be a semi decent week as we are having an ice cream social at work on Monday and lunch at a Mexican place on Wednesday. Free food = never a bad thing. :) 

So for now I'll make myself another cup of tea and read some more of my book ("Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah) while waiting for Mike to get back from the car dealership.

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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