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Monday, June 10, 2019

Beautiful Weekend

IMG_20190609_134759_130What a beautiful weather weekend. So much of April and May was really crappy weather wise, especially on the weekends, that it's been almost a IMG_20190609_135916_774surprise when it's really nice out. It's also weird because we kind of skipped over spring I feel like. That always seems to happen lately. We don't have true transitions anymore. It's winter and cold and crappy and snowing and then raining forever and one day it's summer.

This weekend we had temps in the 80ies (26-29C) and I really wasn't prepared for it. I was still wearing my jeans and ended up being really hot. It's when I realized it's time to get my summer dresses and summer clothes out. Just wasn't thinking about that because we haven't had such nice weather on a weekend yet. 

On Saturday we went to the movies and saw "The Secret Live of Pets2". I thought it was really cute. Nothing amazing or earth-shattering but a really cute movie. I'd definitely recommend it if you are an animal/pet lover. They do a really good job with pointing out all the traits of cats and dogs especially.  After the movies we went to lunch and then stopped at a local brewery to see our friend John play an acoustic set there. Always fun to see him play and catch up a bit. 

Then Sunday we decided to spend time outside and went to Storm King Art Center. Beautiful grounds. The sculptures were a bit weird to say the least but then I am not always a huge modern art fan and/or don't always get it. But it was still fun spending time outside, walking the grounds etc. The admission price was a bit steep at $18/person so it's not somewhere we will probably go back to very often but  it was something fun to do for this Sunday. 

When we were done at the park we headed to the Newburgh waterfront to have lunch. Newburgh, NY really isn't a great city but the waterfront they have is really nice. And there are multiple restaurants with patios facing the river. We had lunch at Captain Jake's which was delicious as always. Definitely made for a fun Sunday sitting outside, eating yummy seafood and sipping wine while looking out at the water and the boats zipping by. 

And here we are, it's Monday again. And I am not quite ready to face the day and the week yet. But there really isn't anything to be done about it. Oh well. 

So for now I'll make myself another cup of tea and read some more of my book ("Winter Garden" by Kristin Hannah) while waiting for Mike to get back from the car dealership.

Letter/Mail Update:  Have received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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