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Monday, November 25, 2019

Almost Thanksgiving

IMG_20191125_074041_972Yup you guessed it, it's Monday again. Not feeling the idea of facing a Monday. But I guess the good thing is that it's only a three day week. Thursday is Thanksgiving and with my corporate job I get Friday off too. At my old job at Marcus this was not the case and I often worked Friday and Saturday over the Thanksgiving weekend. This time around I really can't complain as we will be on a plane on Thanksgiving Day. Off to Austria. We will be there for 3 days and then Croatia for 7 days. So we'll be gone for the Thanksgiving weekend plus the following week. Definitely looking forward to a bit of a break. 

This past weekend was quiet. Saturday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. Then later we headed down to Westport for lunch and in the evening I put up the tree at home and finished my Christmas cards. I know it's not Thanksgiving yet and I usually don't put up the tree beforehand but with us being away I figured it would make sense to put up the tree so it's up when we get back on December 8th. And of course my cards needed to be done too. I still have a few more to write and I also have to still put together the gift packages for the domestic folks after we get back. For the international ones I will order via Amazon again. Just seems to be a lot easier these days.

On Sunday we went to the movies and saw "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood", the Mr. Rogers movie starring Tom Hanks. I liked the movie even though I didn't grow up watching Mr. Rogers and don't really have a lot of the cultural references a lot of Americans do. But it was a good movie nonetheless. Afterwards we headed to 121 in Oxford for lunch and then later caught up on some more TV at home and also watched the American Music Awards. 

And well here we are. And it's Monday. At least it's not as miserable as yesterday. Yesterday it poured all day and was just really dreary all day. Oh and I still don't have my replacement phone. Supposed to get a new phone from Samsung through warranty but of course nothing is ever as simple as you would hope. It would be nice to receive it before we leave for Europe but I guess we'll see what happens. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA and Nina/WA.

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