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Monday, November 18, 2019

Low key weekend and phone troubles continued

FordVFerrari_ATM_845x321-minAnother weekend gone by and it's Monday again. High of 40F (4C) and rain today so it's going to be chilly & wet. The weekend wasn't much better. Saturday it was sunny but windy and really chilly. Yesterday was overcast and a little warmer but still felt chilly. It's too early for these temps. Really not feeling it but what can you do? I guess we are in for a long winter this year (and it's not even officially winter yet) 

Still dealing with my phone issues. We went to the mall last Monday and were relatively confident that it was the battery that was the problem. Well went back to the mall on Tuesday and nope turns out the whole phone is fried, motherboard and all. I am guessing it must have been defective from the start because I only got it back in March or April (the S10 was only released in March I think) Anyway Mike spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Sprint support and eventually got someone to agree that we can swap out the phone through Samsung warranty. They said the new phone would come in 3-5 days so hopefully some time this week. Would be nice to have my new phone before we leave for Europe next week. I do have a phone now but it's Mike's old phone and quite a few generations old now. The camera is definitely better on my S10 and the battery life too (well, when it's working properly anyway) 

Let's see what else? Friday I went out with some friends from work. Went to the Irish club for karaoke. No, I did not sing. Definitely not my thing. But it's entertaining enough watching other people do it. Didn't get home till after 1am. Definitely not my usual stuff but it was a fun night out. Saturday we slept in and then had lunch in Woodbury at the Marketplace. And yesterday, Sunday, we went to the movies to see "Ford vs. Ferrari". I had been looking forward to the movie even though I am not a big car or racing fan generally speaking. The cast is great and of course there's Caitrona (Claire from Outlander) and she did a great job as well.

So now it's Monday again. Let's see what this week brings. Wednesday I have my eye doctor appointment. Fall/winter always seems to be full of appointments for me. Had my physical last week and some other appointments coming up as well. Don't know why but it just seems to work out that way. 

Letter/Mail Update:  Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark, Celia/MA and Nina/WA.

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