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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Just catching up

TempFileForShare_20210928-061914Tuesday morning and I have already been back to the US for over a week now. I really don't even know anymore where the time goes. It's officially fall now and I think today we are actually getting a bit of rain and a cold front coming through which will push the temps down into the 60ies (16C) compared to the 70ies (22C) we have been having. Supposed to get sunny again after today though I think. I actually really do like fall/autumn. The colors changing, leaves blowing around, crunching underfoot, crisp blue skies, being able to wear sweaters. Of course it never seems to last too long, the actual beautiful fall weather. But I can hope that we'll have a beautiful fall, right? 

Anyway my flight back last Monday was fine. It was a tiring long day since my car pickup from the house was at 3.45am. Then had my flight to London from Vienna, had to collect my bags and recheck again at Heathrow, go through security again and then board my Jet Blue flight to New York. All went well all in all, was just tiring, standing in line, waiting, more standing in line, more waiting, all of that. The rest of the work week went by in a blur. Between the jetlag and just trying to catch up from being away for 2 weeks, it was a bit crazy. I am still not in great shape this week and still trying to catch up but I suppose I will get there. Always do right? 

The weekend was filled with beautiful weather so that worked out well. On Saturday we went for a hike at Devil's Den, first time we had been there. Beautiful place and well maintained but super rocky so there was a lot of up and down which was a bit exhausting but still a fun way to get exercise. Afterwards we had lunch at Rizzuto's and later hung out at J. Lawrence with some friends. On Sunday we took advantage of another beautiful day and went to Wallingford to hang out at the two wineries there. Picked up some sandwiches at Jersey Mike's beforehand. First time we went there and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. So was fun to sit outside, eat our food and drink some delicious wine. Definitely a great day. 

And well here we are another week. Nothing too eventful to report from yesterday, Monday. Another busy day at work. For dinner we tried out a Mexican place we hadn't tried before - Avocado. Was really happy with the quality of the food and the margaritas. We shared beef empanadas and a shrimp dish in a garlic wine sauce with rice and beans. All so delicious. Will definitely have to go back and try more things. Anyway for now it's Tuesday and off to work in a bit. 

Mail Update: No letters at the moment - all caught up :)

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