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Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving Montreal Weekend

IMG_20211128_220510_700 IMG_20211128_220722_318Here we are, it's Monday night again. Last week was just a blur it feels like. Monday through Wednesday was super busy at work with the short work week and also covering for a co-worker on vacation. Plus we had a newbie start I am mentoring so yeah everything all at once. But somehow I made it through, always do, right?

Monday we also had our PCR test scheduled as we needed that for travel to Canada and had to be within 72 hours of arrival. We went Monday afternoon and got the results back mid morning on Wednesday. Didn't book a hotel until Wednesday night after work and left Thursday morning. So all was a bit last minute but we didn't want to book a hotel and then find out last minute we couldn't go because the results didn't come back in time or a false positive or a break through case. You just never know these days. But luckily it all worked out

We left early Thursday morning and got to Montreal around 12.30pm. Checked in at our hotel (the Holiday Inn in Chinatown) and then walked to the old town to have lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs - one of our favorite places and always great to go to. Had the most delicious poutine and some popcorn shrimp. After hanging out there for a while we wandered around a bit and also checked out the Christmas Market before having drinks and a small dinner at The Farsides - what a funky, trendy, 90ies inspired placed. Hung out there for a while before heading back to the hotel. The hotel bar and restaurant wasn't open due to Covid but luckily everything else was mostly open. 

Friday we went to check out a museum in the morning and then walked around a bit before lunch. The weather was pretty miserable that day. mostly rain and a snow/rain mixture all day so chilly and wet. But we made the best of it. We went to a pub for lunch and then afterwards headed to the Biodome. We had originally planned to take the metro and walked to the station, bought our tickets, only to find out that there was a problem/issue with somebody on the tracks. Lots of announcements in French which we couldn't really understand so we eventually ended up grabbing a cab and made it to the Biodome about 30 min past our ticketed time slot. Luckily that worked out ok and we had a nice time checking out the exhibits. It was completely redone from when we went the last time and they really did a great job I have to say. When we were done we made our way back to the hotel and then had dinner in the old town (back to Les 3 Brasseurs) followed by some wine at Maggie Oakes. By the time we left there the snow had started to stick a bit and while it was a bit slippery of a walk it also did look very pretty.  

Saturday we slept in a bit and then had breakfast at Allo mon Coco with somebody I work with. I have worked with her on the same account for a few years now so it was a lot of fun to actually get to meet in person. We don't work for the same company but partner companies but work together quite a bit. Had a yummy breakfast and then in the afternoon walked around the old town some more. Went to a market and had a few drinks at Pub Brewsky followed by dinner at Taverne Gaspar. Absolutely delicious ribs and a fun place for sure. On our way back we decided to randomly stopped at a place called "NELLI CafĂ© + Vin nature" at Hotel Nelligan. We were just looking for a not too crazy place for another glass of wine and this turned out to be a pretty neat place. 

Sunday we had breakfast at Eggspectations and then headed back towards the US. We spent way too long in line at the US border but what can you do? We did eventually make it back around 6.30pm and stopped at Centrico for dinner where we met up with our friend John. 

And well here we are, Monday night. I do need to work on my US Christmas cards but that will have to wait another week I think. Also need to put up our tree but again that may just have to wait a bit. Will get there - eventually. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Christmas Cards, Outlander Launch Event and more

PeanutsSunday afternoon. And the weekend before the Thanksgiving week. Crazy times ahead. :) I am covering for a co-worker on vacation next week plus we have a new employee starting who I will be mentoring, It will be ok. It always is. :) We have tentative plans to go away for Thanksgiving, Thursday to Sunday. It's all a bit TBD at the moment. We are thinking of going to Montreal and need a PCR test to enter Canada. We are vaccinated but there's always a chance of a break through case of course so we decided to not book a hotel until we get our test back. So we'll see how all that pans out. I do hope we get to go. It's been over 5 years since we were last in Montreal. 

Was supposed to have a dental cleaning appointment this past Tuesday but that ended up getting cancelled as my insurance is maxed out. Rescheduled that for January when the insurance resets. I do have an appointment this coming Tuesday but that's for a crown and veneers and either already paid for and/or not covered by insurance anyway. 

Also started my Christmas cards yesterday and finished all of my international ones so I can get those into the mail asap. I don't trust the postal system very much these days but I guess let's see how it goes. I do still need to write all my US domestic cards but there's a little more time for that at least. Yesterday we also got to see our friends Robin & Ashley who we haven't seen in forever. So that was really nice. Was great to hang out and catch up for sure. And today we went to see "Belfast" at a movie theater in Trumbull followed by lunch at Flipside in Fairfield. 

And tomorrow from 7 to 10pm is the launch event for Diana Gabaldon's new book "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone" It's a virtual event via Zoom but should be fun. As a huge fan of the Outlander series I am very excited for the new book. The book itself releases on Tuesday 23rd. I have a copy ordered via Kindle and will also receive a signed hardcover copy from that launch event. Good times. :)

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Random musings

SnoopyMonday morning. Not sure if I am ready for another week but here we are. I am just not a fan of Mondays. I actually did go to bed pretty early last night, around 9.30pm. Often my problem with Mondays is that I end up staying up late cause we are watching TV and whatnot but I don't even have that excuse today. Still tired and dragging nonetheless, maybe a little less than if I had gone bed at midnight but guess we'll see how the rest of the day goes. 

Not all that much new really. Last Tuesday I had my first dentist appointment of a few in a row - two more to go - in hopes of finishing up things with my implant and crown. The appointment this week is actually just a normal cleaning one, then next week something else and I assume will need at least one more before all is said and done. But the way things go with me, I am sure it's just a matter of time before some other project ends up happening with me and the dentist. But at least this particular issue seems to finally be coming to a close so that's something I suppose. 

The weekend was nice and mostly uneventful I guess. Saturday it actually ended up being pretty nice in the morning. Wish I had realized how warm it was out so we could have taken advantage and maybe gone for a walk or something. Oh well. Had lunch at Rizzuto's and later watched a bunch of stuff on TV. Finished the "Murders in the Building" show and also watched the new Ryan Reynolds /Dwayne Johnson/Gal Gadot movie "Red Notice" on Netflix. 

Sunday we went to the movies in the morning and finally saw the new Bond movie. It was pretty good but definitely too long. They easily could have cut out 45 min to 1 hr and it would have been still fine. But glad we went to see it I guess. Then we had brunch at Lucas Local. The first week they were having brunch there so was nice to try it. And stopped at Centrico for a bit after to say hi to Cait. And then watched the SNL we had recorded. Originally we had talked about watching something on Disney + after (we signed up again since it was only $1.99 for a month) but I was starting to fall asleep so we postponed that idea. 

And well here we are, Monday morning. So let's see what the week holds. I have my dentist cleaning appointment on Tuesday and my yearly physical appointment on Friday. Other than that all as usual. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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Sunday, November 07, 2021

Movie Weekend

1636316245147 Here we are, already in November. It's definitely been chilly, especially in the mornings with frost. Not so bad during the day but mornings and nights have been hovering right around freezing. I mean it is what it is and normal for the season. At least it hasn't been raining and has been mostly dry this week. So that's something. 

This weekend has been the weekend of movies for us. For a while there wasn't really much coming out, especially for the theaters, but lately quite a few movies have come out and these past weekends we always had other things to do so this weekend we went both on Saturday and today. We still haven't seen the new Bond movie, so that's still pending. And now the new Marvel movie "Eternals" also came out and the new Ghostbusters movie is coming out in a few weeks too I think. Oh and "Belfast". This weekend we saw "The French Dispatch" (the new Wes Anderson movie) and "Last Night in Soho". Two completely different movies. If I had to pick one over the other I would say "Last Night in Soho" would get my vote. It's definitely been fun being at the movies again. 

Other than that not all that much new really. Friday night we went over to our friend John and Jana's place. Jana invited us over for a fondue night which was fun. And we also watched a movie after dinner "Bestsellers" which was also fun. 

This upcoming week I have a dentist appointment (I have a few upcoming appointments in November) on Tuesday and also have to get my blood-work done for my upcoming physical apt later this month. 

But yeah, other than that not too much new. Yesterday I finished my reread of the Outlander series with "Written in My Own Heart's Blood" in anticipation of the new book "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone" coming out on the 23rd of this month. There's a virtual release/launch event on the 22nd which should be fun. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Carmen/Malta. 

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