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Monday, December 06, 2021

Christmas Tree, cards, booster shot, etc.

IMG_20211204_124635_134Happy Monday and all of that. I am getting pretty tired so this may be a quick post. Got our Covid booster shots today and so far I can't complain too much about the side effects. I am pretty tired and my arm hurts. With the last shots I developed a fever for a short time overnight so I guess we will see what happens but so far it isn't too bad. Just tired and kind of out of it.

Other than that, let's see what else is new? Not too much I suppose. Put up our tree last Friday night (Dec 3) and also managed to get all my Christmas cards done now. Need to get them into the mail tomorrow. The international ones I already mostly mailed out at the end of November but this is my domestic US batch. Also mostly ordered gifts for people. Not 100% done with my shopping at all but not in terrible shape. Always try to focus on my international stuff first as that can take longer with shipping and whatnot. 

The weekend kind of flew by. Saturday we went for a walk at Sherwood Island in Westport and then had lunch at Rizzuto's. Spent the night writing my cards and then watched some TV. And Sunday we went to the World Market in West Hartford as I wanted to get some gingerbread and other international goodies. Had lunch at the Cambridge House, hadn't been there in quite a while so it was nice to see they still exist and hang out there. Spent Sunday night catching up on more TV and starting Hawkeye on Disney +. 

Oh I also received a delicious Imperial Torte straight from Vienna, courtesy of my ex boss at my old job in Vienna. It's a bit of a tradition that he send one every year - always very much appreciated!!

And well here we are Monday night. Another busy day at work. I have a feeling it will be busy until the holidays are over. Guess we'll see how it goes. One day at a time right?

Mail Update: A letter is going tomorrow to: Carmen/Malta. Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. 

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