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Monday, January 17, 2022

Same stuff different day - more winter blues

FB_IMG_1614441916245And yes you guessed it, another week gone by. Nothing all that much new. This part of the year truly is my least favorite part. I hate the weather, the cold, snow, ice, it's dark and just not very exciting. Today was another super gloomy and dreary day. We had some snow last night overnight into this morning which then turned into rain which made everything a big mess and it stayed dreary and gloomy all day. I know this kind of weather is normal for this time of year and I generally do like the idea of four seasons but just not a big winter fan. Never have been. 

Work is still super busy which probably isn't helping my general mood. And yeah, just don't have much to really share or say that's exciting or new. Had a dentist appointment last week and another one tomorrow, also with the orthodontist. My dental work feels like one of those never ending stories but I guess one day it'll be sort of done.

The weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday we had lunch at Rizzuto's in Westport and stopped at Two Steps on way home before catching up on some shows at home. And Sunday morning I met up with my friend Jana and we hung out at a local bakery/coffeeshop called Mothership. Really neat place. Had some great tea, avocado toast and spent some hours just hanging out, catching up and relaxing. Sunday night Mike and I caught up on some more Tv and well here we are, Monday night already. Once I finish this post I am going to get ready for bed, grab my book and spend some time relaxing and reading. Also kind of dead tired so it may end up being an early night for me. Guess we'll see. 

Sorry for this dreary post but I guess it just reflects my general state of mind at the moment. I'll snap out of it again. 

Mail Update: Currently caught up with my mail. 

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