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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Winter Blues

FB_IMG_1543346597296And somehow it's already Tuesday night. I don't even know how we got here or why I was delayed with my posting. Usually I am good about posting Sunday or Monday nights but I never did on Sunday and yesterday just turned into a mad day at work and when I was done with it I was just done with all computer stuff and wanted to log off, curl up with the cats and continue reading my Sophie Kinsella book. So yeah, that's it I guess. 

Anyway not a whole lot new I suppose. I am pretty much over winter and it's barely mid January. We had our first semi significant snowfall of the season last week on Friday (about 5 inches) and now the weather has turned super cold (our high today was something like 17F which is minus 8C. And the low is going to be somewhere around 5F which is minus 15C and with the windchills it of course feels way way colder. Ugh. Not a fan. 

Last weekend was pretty low key. Saturday we didn't do much, just had lunch at Rizzuto's. At night I made chili and had a veg out night reading. On Sunday we went to see "Nightmare Alley" and had a late lunch at Newsylum and then met up with Maryellen & Rich at Michael's before heading home and catching up on our recorded TV. 

Monday was just a blur of a day. Busy day, And today not that much different. Not all that much else going on this week. Thursday I have a dentist cleaning appointment and well just looking forward to the weekend. So that's about all the news I got for now. :)

Mail Update: Currently caught up with my mail. 

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