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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another day at work

Another long day at work. It's 8 pm and I am actually at work right now. To be fair I did stop working at about 5:45 though. Mike had an appointment to get some of our computer equipment upgraded so an IBM tech was coming in at 5:30 and our whole system was going down. So all afternoon I was running around like mad trying to make sure everything was gonna be done by 5:30. Luckily everything worked out ok.

So afterwards I walked over to the mall, got a quick haircut, looked around Hallmark and picked up some cards for some upcoming birthdays, then picked up some food at Mc Donald's for Mike and me and walked back over to work to see how Mike was doing. It's 8:30 now and they are still working on the upgrade and install. So who knows how long that will take. :) I did bring some letters to write but don't feel like doing those ... maybe later. :)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Busy Another long day at work. Had one of my employees call out on me so I was covering his job while trying to organize everything for the upcoming Labor Day Holiday. I swear Labor Day is the worst with all the schools just starting up again and not knowing what they are doing yet. It's a logistical nightmare.

Besides that I found out today that my boss will be leaving in about 1 1/2 weeks. I can't believe it. I really like him. I mean I can understand why he is doing it. He has a small baby daughter and the lifestyle is just getting to him. Long commute, crazy hours, ... he needs a quieter lifestyle now that he is a dad. But I still don't want to see him go. I don't like change. :)

Well, besides that we have a rainy night ahead of us so we need to brace ourselves and hope that we don't have any more leaks in the roof. Let's keep our fingers crossed. They won't be able to put the new roof on until after we get back from Miami so we just have to kind of hold out until then. Wish me luck. :)

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Tea Package

Teafor211sm After a long day at work (why do we have to go through Mondays ?) we got home to find a cute little package on our doorstep. I went to open it up and found two different kinds of tea, a pretty little picture of a Victorian house with a wraparound porch and some odds and ends pieces of other nice stuff. So this post is dedicated to my pal Sarah in Canada. Thanks for making my Monday so much brighter. :) You are a sweetheart. :)

Roof Update: The roofing people came out today and it turns out we need a WHOLE new roof. So that's going to be expensive. It sure never ends when you own a house. But hey, we do need a roof on our house so we don't have much of a choice. ;)

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vienna + Venice City Steal

Viennavenice You can tell I have been working too much when all I do is surf the web for travel specials. :)

My latest addiction is the Austrian Airlines Vacation page. They offer tons of travel deals combining trips to Austria with other European cities. There is one combining 3 days in Vienna with 3 days in Venice. God, wouldn't that be nice ? There is also a Vienna - Prague combination which sounds very tempting.

I shouldn't complain. Only one more week at work and we will be off to Miami Beach over Labor Day weekend. (Sat. - Tues.) Can't wait. I am really in need of another vacation. My pen pal Kirsty is in Crete right now, my parents just left for Croatia. I really need a getaway of my own. :)

On a less bright note. We found out that we have a leak in our roof. It's been raining and when we got up today we saw that we have water dripping through our ceiling which is definitely not good. Will have to call the roofing people tomorrow and hopefully get that fixed asap. There is more rain in the forecast which is not good. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the leak doesn't spread. Don't even want to think of how money that is going to cost to get it fixed. Welcome to homeownership. So for now I am going to continue to dream about expensive European vacations ... but better not book any. :(

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pepper - In Loving Memory

When I got up this morning and checked my email as regularly I saw a message from Kristina (Mike's sister) telling me that her cat Pepper passed away. Poor kitty. :( 

Pepper was about 15 and lived a long healthy life but it's still so sad to see him go. Especially after just losing Monie in June. :(

Kristina said that when she got home from work yesterday he was breathing hard & shallow and was in respiratory distress.  She took him to the vet right away but there wasn't anything they could do. They gave him a sedative before the injection so he died peacefully in Kristina's arms. Poor baby. :( Makes me want to cry. I hope he is happy wherever he is. 

i shall walk in the sun alone
whose golden light you loved;
i shall sleep alone
and, stirring, touch an empty place:
i shall read uninterrupted
(would that your gentle paw

could stay my book just once again!)

Pepper2_1 i shall see beauty
but none to match your living grace;
i shall hear music
but not as sweet as the droning song
with which you loved me.>br> i shall fill my days
but i shall not, cannot forget:
sleep soft, dear friend,
for while i live you shall not die.

(this poem is a little altered from the original by Michael Joseph) .

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Movie Night

Must_love_dogs Another busy week. Meant to post on Thursday when I went out with my friend Sharon but somehow never got around to it.

So Thursday was the only day I actually got to leave the office on time or even a little early. Sharon picked me up at 4:30 and we headed to the movies to see "Must Love Dogs". Definitely a nice chick flick. Didn't have high expectations but it turned out to be quite a cute movie.

After the movie we went to Bertucci's for dinner. Yummy Italian food. Were able to catch up on each other's lives which is always fun. All in all a nice girl's night out. :)

Today is Saturday, worked about 18 hours of overtime this week (6 days) and have another 6 day week ahead of me. But thankfully our Miami vacation is getting closer now. Today in 2 weeks I will be walking on the beach .. now that's something to look forward to and keep you going. :)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Time Flies

Fan It's been quite a while since my last post but to be honest nothing too exciting and post-worthy has happened.

For the most part I have just been incredibly busy at work, staying long hours, trying to cover about three jobs at once. All that fun stuff. :)

This weekend I was actually off Saturday and Sunday but god, it was so HOT. I couldn't believe how hot and humid it was. So we decided to take a few road trips to get out of the heat. On Saturday we went to Bruegger's bagel place which is absolutely delicious. And Sunday we went all the way to Cherry Hill, NJ to eat at a restaurant called "Bahama Breeze" (they serve mostly Caribbean themed food - all very yummy) Anything to get out of the heat and into the A/C this weekend.

Now another week has started, the heat has finally died down but I have been busier than ever at work. I have one person on vacation this week plus short-handed all around anyway. Oh well, the show must go on. :)

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Immigration Stuff

It's only 8 pm but somehow I feel really tired. I guess it just seemed like a long day.

Today was our immigration hearing in Hartford. It's been about 4 1/2 years since we got married and I still don't have a permanent green card. The red tape involved is just endless. So our appointment was for 9:30 am. We arrived, went through security and headed to the correct room. We sat down in a room full of about 30 other people and I was already prepared to spend the whole day there. Last time we went it was a nightmare of endless waiting so I was sort of prepared for what might happen.

Surprisingly only a few minutes later our names got called and we went into a seperate office.  The interview was fairly painless although it's still kind of nerve-wracking to be questioned by the government. They asked questions about how we met, the wedding, stuff like that. They also looked at all the things we brought (joined bank statements, insurance policies, survivorships, tax returns, wedding albums, ...)

So my conditions on the green card are officially removed now. They took my fingerprints (yet again) and picture so my green card should arrive in the mail in about 2 months. It will be a 10-year green card so at least I won't have to deal with all this paperwork for a while ... well until I apply for citizenship. But I don't have any immediate plans to do that so that's ok.

We were back at work at about 11, another busy day. After work we went to a new Italian restaurant in Sherman called Arrivederci. It's owned by an Italian couple from Naples. Very yum. :) Have another busy day ahead of me tomorrow ... oh well I guess.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Scrapbooking Sunday

As you can see my cat Oliver is very much into scrapbooking and a great help when it comes to putting together a nice album. :)

To my surprise he was actually behaving pretty ok today so I didn't have to kick him out of the room. Usually he is all over my stuff, trying to play with my pens and stickers, licking the photos and whatnot.

I can proudly report that I finished our wedding album today, only about 3 years after the actual event. :) God, I am such a procrastinator when it comes to these things sometimes. But it's a good feeling to know that it's finally done now.

My main page www.hannasworld.com is back online now as well. I finished re-uploading all my files today so everything should be back to fairly normal. A few things still look whacky but haven't had the time to play around with it. Will get to it sooner or later I am sure. :)

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. Wish me luck for the upcoming week. :)

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Joanne !

Birthdaycake_2 It's my best friend Joanne's birthday today so I thought I would dedicate this post to her. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true. You are the best friend anybody could ever wish for. :) Now the only thing you need to do is move closer. England is just too far away. ;)

I finally made it through the work week. I don't even want to know how many hours I worked this week .... well I guess at least the overtime will be good for our upcoming trip to Miami. Gotta look for the positive side of things. :)

I should do some scrapbooking but feeling lazy. I only have until Monday night to finish it. So I guess I should get going. Just procrastinating as usual. At least I am off tomorrow - thank god. :)

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