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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Summer in the City


Visitors in the nude and in bathing suits view paintings at Vienna's Leopold Museum July 29, 2005. The museum responded to a summer heatwave by offering free entry on Friday to anyone without clothes or in a bathing suit who attends its exhibit on nudes and other scandalous paintings of the early 20th century by artists including Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka.
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Now try that in the US. :)

I thought it was a great story and made me remember how much more laid back Europe is in so many respects. I sure would have gone to that exhibit - sounds like a fun way to spend a hot afternoon in the city. :)

PS: Still haven't gotten around to any of my scrapbooking projects or letter writing. Been mostly playing the Sims, cuddling my cat Ollie and procrastinating, surfing the web and so on. Seems to be the story of my life. I usually have the best intentions but then get side tracked and don't feel like doing anything. Oh well, it's the weekend so I guess it's ok to be lazy for once. :)
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Relaxing Saturday

Got up around 8:30 today and went to work for just a bit to tie up some loose ends. Then went to have breakfast. God, how I love having breakfast at a diner. We haven't done that in a while. I had yummy french toast with some bacon and a side of rye toast. Oh and of course a cup of tea. Very, very yum. :)

Then went to run some errands. Bought some more stickers for my scrapbooking project. I am finally making our wedding photo album from our US wedding in 2002. God, can't believe it's been that long.

Then headed to the grocery store. Picked up some more Arizona iced tea. I have been gulping down those one-gallon-jugs like nothing lately. At least the humidity has subsided for the most part. It's pretty nice out today. All in all just a nice relaxing Saturday. And the best part is I have tomorrow off too - a real weekend. :)

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yummy Italian

Splash_logoolivegarden Had another busy day at work. Having one employee on vacation plus another one out on a regular scheduled day off can be quite tricky, especially when all the other supervisors are out on the road and there is no one else in the office to help. Just another day in paradise. :)

Was lucky to be able to go out with my friend Sharon after work. Went to Olive Garden and had some yummy Italian. I pigged out and got the "Tour of Italy" (a plate full of chicken parmigiane, lasagna AND fettuchine alfredo). Along with soup and breadsticks. God, I am so full now. :)

Was great to see Sharon again though and share our stories about our vacations and update each other on our lives. It's always nice to de-stress over a yummy dinner and some nice conversation. At least tomorrow is Friday and I am not supposed to work Saturday or Sunday. Well, let's see what happens. :)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Server Crash

animated_typing_computer.gif Just wanted to let everyone know, please excuse the appaerance of my weblog for a while. I know there are some missing pictures and links and my main page www.hannasworld.com is not working at all. The place that I am hosting my site with has experienced a severe server crash.

My site has been down since Sunday I believe. They are working on it and hopefully everything will be restored to normal at some point soon. Here's the whole story. For now I am glad that I still have Typepad so I can at least blog. :)

Off to another sparkling day at work ... ugh.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Going to Miami

Do you know that Will Smith song "Miami" ? I am going to Miami ... Welcome to miami  .. bienvenido a miami. I have been humming it in my head all day. :)

We found super cheap flights last night and decided to book a short vacation over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-6). Now how cool is that ? :)

The hotel we are staying at is on Miami Beach and looks pretty neat.

I have been to Miami once before, in 1999, when the Will Smith song originally came out. I am excited to go back. South Beach, Ocean Drive, the Art Deco District, .. I remember it was all very cool. And of course I love the beach and the ocean. :)

Now all I have to do is pray that there won't be any hurricanes on the horizon when we are supposed to go. Fingers crossed.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Stationery Crazy

Can't believe another week has gone by already. Came back from Cleveland Monday night. Our weekend away was definitely lots of fun. Even the short trips are great - any time to get away from it all is good. :)

Had another sort of hectic week. I guess it wasn't too too bad, just the usual craziness. Had to work today and didn't get out till about 7 pm or so. Oh well I guess. Gotta pay for those weekends away somehow I suppose. :)

After dinner I was flipping through a catalog I received in the mail a few days ago and came across some really pretty stationery and it's DIRT CHEAP. You get 200 sheets of paper with 100 matching envelopes for only $4.95. I ordered both designs right away. Had to share this so any stationery addicts like me can go online and order this. :)

Gonna go and write a letter now. After all that talk about stationery I am in the mood to write some letters. :)

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hello from Cleveland

Hall_of_fame Here's a quick post from Cleveland. We took a few pictures with Mike's camera phone so I thought I should make use of our laptop and the high speed internet access in the hotel to update my blog. :)

Having lots of fun. Arrived Friday and went to dinner at the Blue Point Grille, a very yummy seafood restaurant.

Saturday we went to the science center to see the "Body Worlds 2" exhibit. Look at the link, I am not sure I can describe it properly. It's supposed to be an educational exhibit. All I can say is it was pretty weird. The science center was neat though, lots of neat exhibits.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and in the afternoon we went to the Rock n 'Roll Hall of Fame. We have been there before but it's always fun to see the next exhibits. Baseball

Today we slept in and then went to see a baseball game. We were originally going to see an US Airforce Museum but then decided to see the baseball game instead.Fountain The weather has been very humid and unstable so of course we got caught in a huge downpour at the game. Had about a 1/2 hour rain delay. After the game we went back to the room to hang out for a while. Then went to dinner at a steakhouse. Yum. :)

Tomorrow we are going to see a lighthouse on Lake Erie. Then our flight leaves in the evening. It's been delayed for the past week so we will see what happens. They are doing construction on a runaway at Newark Airport which is causing massive delays in the evenings. Oh well, we will see I guess.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why do cats love suitcases so much ?

Look at Ollie. He decided to take up my side of the suitcase. Looks like I am not bringing any clothes. After Mike packed his half of the suitcase Oliver decided to sit in the other half. He seems to think that suitcases are the most fun thing in the whole world. Silly cat. :)

I finally got him to leave so I could pack some things as well. As soon as I closed the suitcase he decided to lay down on top of it. He is really intrigued with this suitcase.

We are off to Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow for a long weekend. Really looking forward to a few days away from work. We are taking Mike's nephew Erik (he just turned 13 in May). Plan to visit the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and some other fun stuff as well. Will tell all about it when we get back.

Now I just have to make it through another 1/2 day at work tomorrow. And then I have 3 days off in a row, probably the longest I have had off since our trip to England in May. YAY. :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Heartrings I am one of the few lucky people to have 2 wedding anniversaries. Today happens to be the anniversary of our second wedding ceremony. We had our official wedding in Austria on Feb. 10, 2001. It was a small ceremony with mostly my Austrian family and some friends. Then on July 12, 2002 we had the big American wedding ceremony here in Connecticut. We had friends from all over the world fly in, I was wearing the big white dress, we had a big reception, you know the whole shebang. :) You can look at some pictures here if you want.

So today is our American anniversary. It's also the day that Mike proposed, July 12, 2000. So this day holds lots of special memories for me.

Tonight we went out to dinner to a local Italian restaurant called Ciao's. They have the best penne ala vodka, great crabcakes and some yummy desserts as well. A very nice evening. Now I am so full I can hardly move. :)

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Prince Edward Island - I WANT TO GO !

Yesterday I received a little flyer from the Prince Edward Island tourism site. I put it aside until I started looking at it today. It advertised that you could win a free trip so I decided to take a look at their website and enter the contest.

OMG .. I so want to go there. It looks so pretty. Why do these things always happen to me ? :) I get so attached to ideas and excited about them. I totally want to get in the car and drive there RIGHT now.

I was looking at their website, browsing through the different pictures and links. It just looks like a really gorgeous place. I found the ideal bed & breakfast to stay at as well. Take a look and tell me doesn't it sound lovely ? :) And all in all it's not even all that expensive all things considered. It's about a 13 hour drive from Danbury which is pretty long but do-able I suppose.

I will shut up now and go dream about my ideal vacation on PEI. :) I'll leave you with some more pictures to look at.

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