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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving !

Hope everybody is having a great holiday.  We got up late and had some breakfast. Then we  had an early dinner at the Spinning Wheel Inn. It's a beautiful inn (the same one we got married at in the summer of 02 - so it holds cherished memories) We also went last year for Thanksgiving and the year before that for Christmas.

I stuffed my face with turkey and apple pie... god I am so full now. :)

Gonna watch some TV now and maybe I'll get some Christmas cards done later. I really need to start those or I'll never get them done. :) Happy holidays everyone. :)

PS: We had our first snow of the season today. When I woke up everything was white outside. It really wasn't that much snow and most of it has already melted away again but it definitely does look like winter out there now. I am not a huge fan of winter but I always enjoy the first snow.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The holidays are coming

Xmasmouse_1 And another week flew by .... the girl that was supposed to start last Monday never showed up so we somehow made it through the week with two people down. The upcoming holidays are of course not helping as it has been super hectic. I have another girl starting tomorrow, let's hope that works. Still looking for another person as well. I signed a contract with a temp agency so they can find me someone. So far that hasn't turned up anything either. Well, we'll see what happens.

Worked 6 days this week. At least I'll have Thursday (Thanksgiving) off next week. Today I went through all my Christmas card stuff to figure out what I am doing, update my address list, go through my address labels/cards/stickers/stamps to make sure I have enough of everything. I usually write about 70 cards every year ... so I have to start soon to get it all done.  Can't believe that Christmas is almost around the corner now and Thanksgiving is already next week.

Going to out to eat at Red Lobster in a few minutes. Gained a pound last week ... but guess that's what happens when all the stress hits and there is no time to cook. Oh well, there's always January to go on a diet. :)

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Recap

Sleepyfallcat Do cats dream? During deep sleep, characterized by rapid eye movements (REM), electroencephalograph readings show that cats experience something similar to our dream state. In dream time, Kitty may even “talk” in her sleep.
Special Mention
SAM.—Janet Benson, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

This weekend is almost over again, wow time sure does fly these days. I had the second weekend in a row where I didn't have to work so I had to really enjoy it ... especially since I'll probably be working non-stop without a day off up until the New Year. I am having staffing issues again, someone gave their notice, had to let someone else go so it's back to the drawing board, rehiring, retraining and so on. I have a new girl starting Monday so let's see how things play out.

Yesterday I went through all the catalogs that I had received over the past few months and browsed through them looking for potential Christmas gifts for people. I have a whole folder of bookmarked items now and just need to make up my mind of what to get and order it. I might actually be able to get a bunch of my shopping done early this year. Yay. :)

Also managed to get three letter done tonight (Jessica, Panagiota and Tiffany). I know I still owe a letter to my pal Sarah - promise I'll try to get that out over the next few days. Just working on some things I want to include with the letter. :)

Going out to dinner in a few minutes. Ciao's here in Danbury. It's a nice Italian restaurant that has super yummy food ... I think I am gonna have to stray from my diet tonight. ;)

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Dude I'm the new mayor !" - Awesome ! :)

Nov 11, 2005 4:09 pm US/Eastern
HILLSDALE, Mich. (CBS) An 18-year-old high school student running for mayor has held on to a two-vote lead following an official count by the county Board of Canvassers.

Schoolbus County Clerk Thomas C. Mohr said Michael Sessions received 670 votes Tuesday to Mayor Doug Ingles' 668. Earlier unofficial figures had shown Sessions with a 64-vote lead over the 51-year-old incumbent.

Several votes for Sessions, a write-in candidate, were disqualified because they were cast for candidates not registered to run or for candidates running for other races, the Hillsdale Daily News reported.

Because votes that the board believes were intended for Sessions must count for him, one added to his tally was a write-in reading, "18-year-old high school student."
Mohr said the two-vote lead will stand unless the count is challenged. It would make Sessions the youngest mayor in the history of Hillsdale, which has a population of 8,200.Mich_hillsdale_map
Ingles has until 5 p.m. EST Wednesday to ask for a re-count.

Sessions used $700 from a summer job to fund his race, putting up signs throughout the city and campaigning door-to-door.

Sessions appeared on Late Night with David Letterman on Thursday to read the show's topical Top Ten list. The night's version of the feature was titled, "Good Things About Being an 18-year-old Mayor."
The list included "Parents try to tell me what to do, I raise their taxes" (No. 10), "I got a call from Demi Moore" (No. 6) and "It's flattering when President Bush calls me for advice" (No. 1).

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

House-Mouse :)

Housemouse Thanks to my pal Kirsty I have just become victim to a new addiction. Take a look at the House-Mouse site and you will know what I mean. God, it's just too cute. :) I managed to waste away the better part of the day looking at this site browsing for stuff I want. Bad, bad, bad. :)

I finally started writing some letters around 5 pm and got four letters done which is good. I am almost caught up with my mail even though I know that there are more letters coming. I should be receiving letters from both Kirsty (UK) and Lexi (Washington DC) tomorrow if all goes as planned.

Can't believe it's already Sunday night again. Where did the weekend go ? Somehow I manage to waste away my weekends off even quicker than the ones where I have to work. How is that possible ?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kitty Update

Fagan1 Another busy day at work today. The big changeover at work happened this past weekend so a lot of things are happening right now, trying to straighten out glitches and working things out. Of course it was expected since nothing can go a 100% smooth but it's always a hassle trying to deal with transition periods. For those of you who don't know, the very basic gist of it is that our plant shut down and we are receiving our milk from a different plant in Massachusetts now.

FaganhannaOn top of that we are heading into the holiday season which is always extra busy. Next week I have to deal with Election Day and Veteran's Day and shortly after that is Thanksgiving already. Oh and then of course Christmas and New Year's. Doesn't sound like I am gonna get to take a breath before the year is over. ;)

After work we went to see Kristina's kitty again. He's just the cutest but definitely BAD. :) He is extremely playful (even at 2 am) and gets into everything. But who can be mad at a cute little kitten ?

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