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Thursday, December 29, 2005

** Teacup **

Teacup Here's a picture of the most adorable teacup and saucer EVER. The picture doesn't even do it justice. :) I found the picture on the Laura Ashley website - I was too lazy to take one myself .. lol

Need to get going and start packing. Tomorrow night we won't have any time as we are getting together with my pal Kirsty. At least I managed to answer all my emails tonight .. so at least one task is accomplished and can be checked off my list. Now I still need to pack and make sure we are ready for our trip Saturday morning .... I love trips but I HATE packing.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Merry Belated Christmas ! :)

Kristinajuditree Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I was going to make that post earlier but of course things never quite work out the way you think. I caught some nasty stomach bug that's going around and got really sick the night of the 25th throwing up all night. Had to stay home from work on the 26th even though I had A LOT of work to do and am just now finally getting back into somewhat regular shape. I guess better now than next week when we'll be on vacation.

Besides the getting sick part Christmas was very nice. In the morning we opened gifts with Mike's sister Kristina and her kids Shannon and Erik at our house. Santa (a.k.a. Mike) was very nice to me - as always. :) I received loads of neat stuff including a super pretty necklace, a whole box of tea, a Garfield tea pot, some nice shirts and other things. My friend Joanne sent me a really cute tea cup and saucer. It's gorgeous. I'll have to take pics and post them so everyone can see. It's so adorable. I will never be able to use it - it's gonna have to go into my collection of cute tea cups/tea pots. :)

PS: Only two more days until our vacation officially begins. Tomorrow will be a very busy day at work. I have to cover someone else's job plus train a new person on top of trying to wrap up a bunch of things before we go away. Then when we get home we need to pack because Friday we are leaving work at about 1:30 to catch the train to the city to see my pal Kirsty. She's here from England to visit so it's always fun to get together. Then Saturday morning we'll be leaving very early for our roadtrip to Texas. Our first stop will be Cincinnati,Ohio, then Little Rock, Arkansas and then Galveston, Texas. On the way back we'll stay in Nashville, Tennessee and Washington, DC.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Track Santa

Window2 Mike sent me this cute link where you can track Santa around the world. His current location is Cairo, Egypt. :)

I was able to get out of work around 2:30 pm today which was nice. Being lazy now surfing the web. Mike went to Stew Leonards earlier to get some yummy food for later. ( a vegetable +dip platter and a cheese, pepperoni + crackers platter) Will watch Alias Season 1 later and wait for Santa. ;)

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Two more days ...

Gifts1 Everything is wrapped (I spent my day off on Tuesday wrapping everything + Mike wrapped all his stuff last night) and under the tree - so Christmas can official begin now. :)

Been busy getting everything ready for Christmas. Yesterday we had our little Christmas "party" at work. They cater food for us at lunch time. It was actually really good this year as we got it catered from a local restaurant called "Two Steps". Very yummy.

After work I went out with my friend Sharon to eat at Olive Garden. God, I was so stuffed afterwards. :) Was nice to see Sharon again and catch up. We exchanged our gifts as well but I am being good and won't open it until Christmas. :)

I am mad at the post office because my gift I sent to my best friend Joanne in England hasn't arrived yet. I mailed it "global express mail" so it should have been there quite some time ago - really annoying. Also found out today that another letter of mine from a pal got lost. Very annoying.

Tonight we'll go to Stew Leonard's (I know there is gonna be a huge crowd) to get some appetizer platters for tomorrow night. It's our Christmas Eve tradition to have appetizers/hors d'evrs and watch some shows. Gonna do an Alias marathon tomorrow. :)

Plus my parents are arriving today. I checked their flights and they should be enroute to Texas right about now. We'll see them in only a little more than a week. Yay.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

NYC Christmas Magic

Rockefellertreeangels Following our Christmas tradition that we have created over the years we went to see the tree in front of Rockefeller Center today. We usually go every year and even though it's always super crazy (sooo many people) it's fun.

Went to see the tree and then went to eat at Chevy's (super yummy Mexican restaurant). Had a yummy Cranberry Margarita - now how is that for Christmas spirit ? :)

And on the way home we stopped at Starbucks and I had a Gingerbread Latte - yummmm.

PS: Also went to the city on Friday night to see a new play called "Almost, Maine". It was a romantic comedy set in Maine and really cute in a quirky kind of way. We got really cheap tickets (only 20 bucks) and it was only in it second night of previews. I hope it makes it big and onto Broadway. Well. we'll see. :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Decorations

Xmastreelit We decorated our tree Monday night and it came out very nicely. I always enjoy decorating the tree, listening to Christmas CD's, picking out which ornaments to put on the tree. It's a fun tradition and each year you can add new ornaments. Each decoration/ornament has some kind of meaning/memory attached to it which makes it fun to pick through the boxes.

I also took some pictures of my little Christmas village so you can all see it. I absolutely adore it and wish I could live there. ;) Wouldn't that be cozy ?

Work has been absolutely super busy. I have one girl on vacation this week plus I am down one other girl as well. The girl the temp agency sent me unfortunately never worked out. I guess one good thing about the temp agency is that I can send them back if they don't work out and get a replacement. Her replacement won't be able to start until Dec. 26th though. Oh well, we always scrape by one way or another.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas is coming ...

Animiniglobe Another Monday. :( The weekend of course flew by way too quickly. At least I am feeling better, still sniffling a little and coughing a little but overall much better.

Managed to get all my Christmas decorations set up last night. I even put my little Christmas village (this year it consists of 3 houses) together. God, I'd love to live in my little village. It looks so peaceful. :) We haven't decorated the tree yet, will most likely do that tonight though. So Christmas is coming together slowly it seems.

Had a snowstorm on Friday so everything is covered in white outside now. I guess it goes with the Christmas spirit. :) Let's see if I can stay in the spirit when I get to work - let's hope.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Still yucky

So no luck for taking the day off but at least I got to sleep in today. I decided to take 1/2 a day off instead. So Mike is going to pick me up around noon.

I am still feeling pretty lousy. The congestion might be going away a little bit but now I am starting to cough and I am just feeling all around yucky. You know the feeling when you can't smell or taste anything. Yuck. Thanks for all of your well-wishes though.

PS: On a more positive note, had a huge surprise at work yesterday when I opened my paycheck. We received a $675 Christmas bonus. I was stunned, don't think that has ever happened before. Since Mike and I work at the same company we actually received double the amount so that's even better.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sneezing once ... Sneezing twice ...

Ha .. Ha .. Tschu ...

Yes, I've been sneezing quite a bit lately. Caught a cold over the weekend and been fighting it ever since. Sneezing, runny nose, congestion, headache, all the fun stuff.

Now tomorrow I have to cover someone else's job plus have an unemployment hearing scheduled at 8 am. So I have a full day ahead of me .... no rest for me.

I am hoping for a day off on Thursday but not sure that's gonna happen either. We'll see how things develop I guess. Enough feeling sorry for myself now. Bye bye.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Snowy Sunday

When I woke up this morning I was greeted with a white landscape outside our window. It's really not a lot but enough to cover everything in white.

I managed to finish all my US-Canada Christmas cards today so that's good. One more thing I can check off on my to-do list. The international cards were mailed out a few days ago already. I am still way behind on my letters though and should write a few tonight.

Sorry about not posting for a while but work has been nuts - as always - and I haven't had any time off to really do anything. I have two new people in my department which of course means that I have my hands full.

I put up the Christmas decorations at work on Saturday. I decorated the whole office/department, strung Christmas lights along the walls, put bows on the cubicles, ... I felt like a little Christmas faerie as I did everything after everyone was gone so it will be a nice surprise for everyone Monday morning. :)

Still no Christmas decorations at home but one thing at a time I guess. Maybe I'll find time to decorate next week. We want to put the tree up next weekend. Well, we'll see what happens. :)

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