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Sunday, June 18, 2006

** HOT **

OMG what a HOT day. The picture on the left shows our car themometer when we got back into the car. It showed a 100F (approx. 37C).

Went to NYC today to watch a baseball game. NY Mets against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a fun game and the Mets won so that was good. :) Of course sitting in the scorching hot sun for 4 hours wasn't all that great but oh well. :) At least I know I am gonna sleep very well tonight - I am really worn out and tired.

After the game we headed to Times Square to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant Chevy's. YUM ! They have watermelon margaritas for the summer. I actually didn't get one cause I was too tired out from the sun but they sounded really good.

Short mail update. Received letters from Pamela/Florida, Barbara/Linz, Melanie/Ohio, Hayley/UK, Natalia/Poland, Steff/Maine and Lotte/Denmark. Replies going out tomorrow to: Melanie/Ohio, Hayley/UK, Natalia/Poland, Steff/Maine and Lotte/Denmark. 

Also mailed letters to Kirsty/UK and Carmen/Germany last week Monday but never got around to updating about it. So you guys should have received those letters by now already. :)

Anyway, better get going so I can finish up some things. Still need to write out all the envelopes for my letters, need to make a to-do list so I don't forget anything for my Austria trip. And last but not least: Get some sleep. :)

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