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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The future of eggs and other stories

Yes it's been yet another week since I have last posted. I'll get into all the madness of last week in a little bit. Let me first explain what happened to me today while making a late breakfast/lunch (I guess you could call it brunch if you wanted to). I was making a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and wanted to have a soft-boiled egg to go along with it. So I grabbed the container out of the fridge and took the last egg out of the container. I had never noticed it before but the egg actually had writing on it. I figured it was probably the expiration date and didn't really think about it much further. Then I looked at it a little closer and realized my egg actually had advertising on it. ADVERTISING ... what has happened to this world that we need to put advertising for TV shows on eggs ? It's a little hard to read but it says "CBS Mondays - Leave the yolks to us". Does anyone agree with me when I say "That's just plain nuts."

Edit: Apparently I am not the only one that thought this is a silly idea. Here is an article about the egg advertisment campaign. Go check it out. :)

End of rant. :) This past week was another whirlwind of craziness at work. Was short-handed most of the week, found out some news that will cause us to have more work very soon and on top of that had a bunch of difficult situations to handle. Anyone that wants more details can email me. :)

But I made it through the week like I always do so all ends well I suppose. Went to a really neat restaurant last night. About a month or two a new Italian restaurant called "Prespa" opened up in Danbury. We drove by it a few times and it looked like a neat little place. So last night we decided to go. For a place that has only been open for such a short period of time it was super packed. It's very trendy and upscale looking inside. They have a huge bar that was also packed, lots of martinis being made. We waited about 45 min for a table but had fun sitting at the bar sipping wine and watching all the people. The food was outstanding and definitely worth coming back for. Yes, it's a little pricey but not more so than some of the other places we have been to. The weird part was that it had the feel of a real city restaurant, a place that you would encounter in a bigger city. Clearly this is something that Danbury has been missing until now.

Mail update: Since my last update a letter has gone out to: Kirsty/UK, Lotte/Denmark, Syvil/PA and Jessica/DE. Tomorrow letters will go out to: Kirsty/UK and Celia/MA. Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA, Fiona/Scotland, Natalia/Poland, Nadine/Tenerife, Carmen/Germany, Sarah/Canada, Michelle/Canada and Cheryl/Mauritius.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

March Snow

I really hate how the weather can't seem to make up it's mind. On Tuesday we had close to 75 degrees F (23 degrees C) and today we have a snow storm and schools are cancelled. I don't want any more snow - I am more than ready for spring. Grrrrr. Oh well.

All in all work wasn't so bad. We only had flurries in the morning so the ride into work wasn't bad at all. The snow started to pick up around 10:30'ish and started to get real heavy in the afternoon. Everyone in my dept. came into work but as the day went on people started to clear out. We managed to get everything done fairly early so not so bad.
Mike and I ended up leaving work around 4:45. For whatever reason the roads were really terrible in a lot of places, not even sanded in hours and lots of mush/snow on the roads. In some places it was even hard to tell where the road started and the sidewalk ended. We made it home ok though. Luckily we have 4-wheel-drive which helped us get up a hill where even an ambulance and an Audi were stuck.

Not much has happened this week. It's been a bad week for cooking, reading or letter writing. I am still reading "Anne of Windy Poplars" (the 4th in the Anne of Green Gable series) but haven't managed to read more than a few chapters this week. Haven't written a single letter this week either. I am hoping to catch up over the weekend. Going to see Jerry Seinfeld in Albany, NY tomorrow. I really hope the roads are better when we have to leave tomorrow.

Mail update: No letters have gone out. :( Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA, Lotte/Denmark, Jessica/DE, Fiona/Scotland, Carmen/Germany, Syvil/PA, Kirsty/UK, Sarah/Canada, Michelle/Canada and Cheryl/Mauritius. 

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Fever

And another week has gone by. This week actually flew by compared to last week. Not sure if that's good or bad - I guess you could interpret that either way.

Finished reading "Montana Sky" by Nora Roberts and started "Anne of Windy Poplars" (the 4th in the Anne of Green Gable series) yesterday.
Went to the movies with my friend Sharon on Tuesday. I had been wanting to see "Music and Lyrics" (Drew Barrymore, Hugh Grant) really badly and I wasn't disappointed. I suppose it helps that I have a sentimental love for 80'ies music and Hugh Grant can make me smile any day. :)
Mike caught some kind of flu-like bug mid-week and actually stayed home from work which he NEVER does. I always feel bad when he gets sick because I tend to feel somewhat helpless if that makes sense. Thankfully he is all better now though. (well he still has a lingering cough but that's it)

So that's about all the happenings from my week I suppose. Had Thursday off and worked on Saturday. Today I had a rather relaxing day. Drank lots of tea and caught up with my mail, sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket with our kitty Oliver.
On a different note: I am really ready for spring. It keeps getting warmer and then it gets freezing cold again - it's like a tease. Grrr.

Mail update: Since my last update letters have gone out to: Kirsty/UK, Deanna/PA and Pamela/FL. Letters going out tomorrow to Tizz/Denmark, Kirsty/UK, Charles/TN, Celia/MA and Karin/Switzerland. Received letters from/owe replies to: Syvil/PA, Kirsty/UK, Sarah/Canada, Michelle/Canada and Cheryl/Mauritius. 

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Travel Photos, Random Update

I can't believe another week has gone by. Somehow this last week just dragged like crazy but at the same time I never got around to making any updates - sorry.

Been reading "Montana Sky" by Nora Roberts and have gotten a little more than half-way through it. So far I really like it. :)
Wrote some letters (not too behind on my mail, just a little) and caught up on some emails. This week was not a good week for cooking so hopefully this coming week will be better.
The Sims2 Seasons released which means that my Sims can finally have weather. Yay. The game really showed me though that it's probably time to upgrade my computer -- it's running painfully slow and the graphics are anything but desireable. Oh well.

Yesterday we went to NYC to check out two new exhibits at the Natural History museum, then headed downtown to have some yummy pizza.
Mike went into work today to install an update so I tried to catch up with some of my mail/e-mails in the meantime. Also finally uploaded our Miami/Texas and Chicago photos. So go take a look. :)

Mail update: Since my last update letters have gone out to: Nadine/Tenerife, Kirsty/UK and Celia/MA. Letters going out tomorrow to Lexi/DC, Carmen/Germany, Jessica/DE and Steff/ME. Received letters from/owe replies to: Deanna/PA, Syvil/PA, Sarah/Canada, Michelle/Canada and Cheryl/Mauritius. 

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