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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guess who ?

Evi_volksschule The picture on the left was sent to me by my dad yesterday. It's one of my mom's grammar school pictures apparently. My task is to guess which one she is in the picture ... to be honest I really don't have the slightest clue. How horrible is that ? :)

This week has been busy already so far but I guess that was to be expected. Today we were supposed to go to the taping of the Rachael Ray show but ended up not going in the end. The times for the taping changed and if we had gone we would have never made it back to Danbury in time. We are having a small get together at a local Irish pub tonight for Tommy (the employee that is leaving - he is driving down to Georgia tomorrow). In a way it worked out well because I also got a call this morning that somebody else at work called out and with it being a busy week it's probably not a bad thing for me to be at work. I will go in around noon time probably. I will just have to keep re-applying for those Rachael Ray tickets and I will get to go eventually. :)

Mail Update: I was able to catch up with my mail a little on Sunday. So on Monday letters went out to: Nicki/OZ, Celia/MA, Lexi/DC, Charles/TN, Barbara/Linz and Alison/UK. Received letters from/owe replies to: Lotte/Denmark, Kirsty/UK, Charmaine/Malta, Sarah/Canada, Carmen/Germany, Tiffany/OK, Nina/WA, Natalia/Poland, Michelle/Canada and Alex/Spain.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Busy as always

100_2720_2 I know I haven't updated in ages ... somehow time is just flying and I don't even know where it is going. I have been both really busy and somewhat not so busy at work. I know that makes no sense at all.

I have been mostly involved with training the replacement for one of the guy's in my department who is leaving at the end of this month (next week). It's a very training intense position and I am truly sad to see him go but he is moving down to Georgia to be closer with his kids so it's all for a good reason anyway.

We have had several nights out and have a few more things planned for next week so it will be another busy week. Plus I will be really busy with the schools coming back from vacation and Labor Day coming up the week after. So I can definitely guarantee a busy week. Oh and Wednesday we are going to the taping of the Rachael Ray show I mentioned in my last post. Yay.

I finally uploaded the pictures from my trip to Austria/Switzerland/Italy back in July so you can take a peak here. Enjoy. :)

Mail Update: I am sooo behind on my mail. :( Since the last update letters have gone out to: Kirsty/UK and Carmen/Malta.  Received letters from/owe replies to: Sarah/Canada, Carmen/Germany, Nicki/OZ, Tiffany/OK, Nina/WA, Natalia/Poland, Celia/MA, Lexi/DC, Charles/TN, Barbara/Linz, Alison/UK, Michelle/Canada and Alex/Spain.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Rachael Ray

I am so excited ... Guess who is going to a taping of the Rachael Ray show on August 29th? Yes, that would be moi. :) I have applied for audience tickets since the show started in Sept. last year and now have finally been selected. Yay. :)

I really hope it works out because they still have disclaimers. On my ticket it says the following: "Once again, admission to our show is on a first come, first serve basis as ticket distribution may be in excess of our studio capacity. Ticket reservations are not guaranteed and all shows are subject to change." The check-in time is 10 am so I guess we will try and be there between 9 and 9:30 am. I hope that will be good enough.

Other than that not too much else new. It's just been busy, busy, busy. I thought this week might be a little less busy but so far I don't see much change. The good news is that we decided on the spur of a moment to go down to Washington DC over the weekend. The Mets are playing in DC so we are going to the Sunday (8/19) game. Yay for road trips. :)

Mail Update: Since the last update letters have gone out to: Lexi/DC (rewrite), Tizz/Denmark (rewrite), Pamela/FL, Fiona/Scotland, Kirsty/UK (2x), Jessica/DE and Celia/MA.  Received letters from/owe replies to: Barbara/Linz, Alison/UK, Michelle/Canada and Alex/Spain. I have a feeling I am forgetting somebody -- not sure who though.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007


Yes it sure seems like I have hit the jackpot today ... let me explain why. :)

Ever since my most recent trip to Europe in July I have been on a kick of wanting more foods that I used to eat when I lived in Europe, especially European bread, cheese and salami. I got back into the habit of eating bread with cheese and salami while in Europe and decided that I wanted to get some. So yesterday we went grocery shopping and I got some Genoa salami and pepperjack cheese. The only missing piece was the bread.

So this morning we headed over to Karl Ehmer's deli. It's a German deli right here in Danbury which I have known about for a long time but somehow we never made it there. Their hours are a little difficult, closing around 5pm, so we never really managed to go. You know how you say you want to go to a place but it just never happens ... well let me tell you: I am sooo glad that we ended up going today. It's like I have hit the jackpot. I was able to get nice dark German bread that will go wonderful with my cheese and salami. But even better than that I was able to see that they have a huge selection of German/Austrian meats and cheeses. They even have Hungarian salami, my favorite. Oh and Leberkäse and Butterkäse and all sorts of other cool stuff. I am still in utter disbelief that I have been able to find all this stuff so close to home ... and it's been here all along. Who knew ?

Going to get out of work pretty soon and then we will take a little ride and have Cracker Barrell for a late lunch/early dinner. Yummm. :)
Mike just emailed me earlier and we decided to go to the Connecticut Wine Festival tomorrow. I had no idea that it was taking place this weekend but I am sure it will be fun. I really like the idea. I just hope it will be less hot and less humid than it has been. Ugh ... I hate this weather.

Mail Update: No letters have gone out. :( Received letters from/owe replies to: Alison/UK, Michelle/Canada, Alex/Spain, Pamela/FL and Fiona/Scotland.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

Not much happening this week - just thought I should update anyway. Somehow this week has been really dragging. I can't believe it's only Thursday ... well at least that means it's finally Friday tomorrow. I have to work on Saturday but only for a few hours and don't have to get up real early so that's good.

I seem to be getting behind with my mail again, not terribly but just a little. Next week is going to be really busy at work as I will be training different people all week. August in general is going to be a very busy month. Can't believe it's August already ...

On a happier note we are looking into booking flights for our trip to England in the beginning of September. Can't wait. :)

Mail Update: Since my last update letters have gone out to: Steff/ME and Caroline/Scotland. Received letters from/owe replies to: Michelle/Canada, Alex/Spain, Pamela/FL and Fiona/Scotland. 

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