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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello from Austria

Hanna_small Here's a picture of me with my new haircut and haircolor. :) Having a really nice time here in Austria so far. Arrived yesterday morning. Didn't do all that much yesterday besides have a lovely lunch and sit outside in the garden. Also went to see a couple relatives and had some nice conversation over a few glasses of wine.

Today I got up around 9, had some yummy breakfast and lunch and then had my hair appt at 2. Sat in the garden afterwards again until just a little while ago. Oh and let's not forget the pizza I had for dinner.

Tomorrow it's already the day of my reunion. Going to have lunch at a nice restaurant on the way back to Vienna and then head to my reunion in the evening. Saturday I am meeting up with a friend for lunch and then am going to take the train back to our house outside of Vienna. Monday it's already time to fly back to the US.

Mail Update: Wrote a letter to Celia/MA on the plane but haven't mailed it yet. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Carmen/Malta, Alex/Germany, Charles/TN, Nicki/CA and Jetta/Finland.

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