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Saturday, August 30, 2008

High School Reunion

Highschoolreunion So here's my update on the reunion. I guess if I say that I didn't get home until almost 4am it should be fairly clear that I had a good time. :) I haven't been out that late in a really LONG time. I am feeling old - ha ha. Anyway, I had a good time. Most people showed up, we only missed 5 people out of about 20. Stayed at the Heurigen until about midnight when they closed. Then a small group decided it would be fun to continue hanging out afterwards so we went to a club type place everyone used to go when we were in school. I wasn't really into the club scene even when I was growing up too much but thought it might be interesting to go. Stayed there for quite some time and finally took a cab back home.

Today I got up around 11am and then met up with my friend Andrea in front of City Hall in Vienna where they still have all the food stands from all the different countries. Had some yummy paella and caught up with her. Afterwards I took the train back out to our house in Lower Austria (45min) In the evening I met up with my friend Anneliese out here. Went to have some yummy icecream and then headed to a nice casual restaurant next to a pretty lake where had dinner. Walked around the lake when we were done to work off all the food we ate. Then headed back to her apartment where we looked at some photos and had some wine.

Can't believe that it's my last day here tomorrow already. Need to pack tomorrow. Other than that I am just planning to relax and not do too much. My mom is going to make lunch and then we will head to Vienna in the afternoon at some point. My flight back to the US is really early on Monday so I am going to have to get up ridiculously early. Ugh. Oh well.

Mail Update: Wrote a letter to Celia/MA on the plane but haven't mailed it yet. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Carmen/Malta, Alex/Germany, Charles/TN, Nicki/CA and Jetta/Finland.

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I've never gone to a reunion - I always lived too far away, and now that I'm nearby, I just haven't done it.

Have a great trip.

Posted by: cassie-b | Sep 3, 2008 2:20:47 PM

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