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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catch-up Sunday

Olliedinah I meant to get another update in before we left California but somehow that never happened and ever since we have been back in CT it's just been really busy too. So, here's my overdue update.

Had a really nice time the rest of our stay in California. Went up to Santa Barbara Friday and spent one night there. The weather was just gorgeous. Walked up and down State Street, out to the pier and back. Then we had lunch with my ex-teacher Linda and her husband and walked barefoot along the beach the rest of the afternoon. Saturday we met up with my ex-hostfamily which was really nice as well. I always love catching up with them.

Saturday afternoon we were back in Long Beach and went to South Coast Plaza (huge shopping mall) with Nicki. Also had dinner there at Z'Tejas - delicious. :) And Sunday was our sightseeing day where we went to Hollywood & Beverly Hills and went to see all the famous L.A. sights. (Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, Kodak Theater, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, etc.) Had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal City Walk which was fun.

Can't believe we have been back in CT for almost a week now. Time sure flies. And in just a week Nicki and her boyfriend Damien who is visiting from Australia will be back here on the East Coast. Looking forward to that.

Mail Update: Since my last update a letter has gone out to: Steff/ME. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Tizz/Holland, Celia/MA, Alex/Germany, Nicki/CA and Caroline/Scotland.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello from California

Queen_mary_2 Hello from California. This is our 2nd day here already, time sure is flying as always. Arrived yesterday in the early afteroon and meet up with my Australian friend Nicki who is currently studying at the university in Long Beach. Had lunch and walked around Belmont Shores (the area where she is staying), then headed over to Shoreline Drive in Long Beach and walked around there. Nicki had an evening class so Mike and I had dinner at the Yardhouse in Long Beach which was really yummy.

The weather has been gorgeous as is typical for California I suppose. Today Mike and I had lunch at the Auld Dubliner and then headed over to the Queen Mary. I had toured the Queen Mary in 1995 with my parents but it's been such a long time so it was nice to see it again. Spent the whole afternoon exploring the whole ship which was fun. In a little while we are meeting up with Nicki again to have dinner. We are going to an all-garlic restaurant called "The Stinking Rose" in Beverly Hills. I saw it on the Food Network ages ago and have been wanting to go ever since. Tomorrow Mike and I are off to Santa Barbara to spend a night there.

Mail Update: Letters went out yesterday to: David/IN, Celia/MA, Lotte/Denmark and Jessica/DE. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Nicki/CA, Caroline/Scotland and Steff/ME.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

California Dreaming

So in a way it feels like I haven't really been back in CT for all that long but we are already getting ready for our next trip. Granted this trip was already planned prior to my last-minute decision to fly to Austria for my High School reunion so it's not quite like we planned these trips so close on purpose.

Either way I am not complaining. This past week was crazy busy at work so I am happy to know that I'll be on a plane to California on Wednesday. We will spend most of our time in Long Beach but also have a weekend in Santa Barbara planned. We'll be gone Wed-Mon so it's not a crazy long trip but it will still be nice to relax and escape for a few days.

Not too much else going on. Need to pack tonight already because tomorrow night we are driving down to NYC after work for my monthly Austrian meet-up. And Tuesday night we are driving up to Hartford, CT to stay at a motel near the airport. Our flight is at 6am so it will be nicer to be closer to the airport so we don't have to get up even earlier.

Mail Update: A letter is going out tomorrow to: Jetta/Finland. Received letters from/still owe replies to: David/IN (intro-letter), Celia/MA, Nicki/CA, Caroline/Scotland, Steff/ME, Lotte/Denmark and Jessica/DE.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

Hurricane_hanna Yeah I have been lazy with my updates since I have been back. Sorry about that. I guess the first week back at work after a vacation is always hectic plus it's still pretty busy at work anyway so I suppose that explains it. Arrived back in the US on Monday. My trip in Austria really flew by so quickly but then it always does I guess.

Went to work today for a while to catch up on some stuff. Now we are home and it has started raining which means that the remainders of tropical storm Hanna have reached us now. I have to say I am not too crazy about having a hurricane/tropical storm named after me. It's even spelled right without the h at the end. But I guess I can just claim ignorance since it's not my real name on my birth certificate after all. I do hope that nobody on my friends list got affected by Hanna too much. 

Not too much else going on. Finally unpacked everything just now after coming home from work. It's always a challenge when I come home from a trip from Austria because I always bring back so much stuff (chocolates, wine, jam, packaged foods, etc etc) that I have to find space for everything. I am glad that everything arrived safely though.

Mail Update: Mailed letters on Tuesday to: Celia/MA, Carmen/Malta, Alex/Germany, Charles/TN and Nicki/CA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland, Lotte/Denmark and Jessica/DE.

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