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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Weekend ... finally

 I am so glad it's finally Labor Day weekend. This is week number three where I worked 6 days. I am definitely getting tired of it. It's been just extra crazy at work this past week and a half. Mostly because of all the schools starting back up and trying to organize everything, figuring out delivery days, who starts what day and needs deliveries when, restructuring our routes to accomdate all the new schools we have this year and so on. It's just been one thing after another. Worked till 3 today and will be at work for at least 1/2 a day on Monday.

I don't want to kid myself into thinking that it will all be easy after Labor Day but things should get better, at least in another week or so. At least all the startup deliveries for most of the schools are done, the schedules are figured out and things should improve from here on out.

The part to focus on is that we will be leaving for Halifax on Friday next week. That's less than a week. I am definitely in need of a vacation. It will be nice to get away, even if it's just for a few days. And not too long after that I will be going to Phoenix. There is still a lot to do before I can think about a vacation but at least I am closer than I was before.

Mail update: Since the last update letters went out to: Lotte/Denmark and Celia/MA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Charles/TN, Caroline/Scotland, Alex/Germany and Jetta/Finland. 

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