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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello from Nova Scotia

Hanna-Peggy's Cove Having a really great time here in Nova Scotia so far. The drive up seemed to take forever (about 13 hrs) but we made it with no problems. Amazing how long you can drive through Maine and New Brunswick took forever too.

Nova Scotia is a very pretty state from what we have seen so far. Took a nice scenic drive along the Lighthouse Route today which hugs the coast and has some really pretty scenery. Stopped at Peggy's Cove which is a neat fishing village with a lighthouse. For lunch we stopped at a small diner where I had a super delicious lobster caesar salad and Mike a lobster roll.

After we got back from the drive we walked around the downtown area, looking at the seafront and all the different restaurants and shops. Back at the hotel now and going out for dinner in a bit to Rogues Roost Brewpub. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a little iffy so we will probably plan some indoor stuff, museums, etc. Really enjoying our trip so far.

Mail update: Since the last update letters went out to: Charles/TN. On the way up I wrote letters to: Alex/Spain and Caroline/Scotland (just need to get stamps to mail them) Received letters from/still owe replies to: Celia/MA and Jetta/Finland. 

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We spent a day at Peggy's Cove a few years ago. It was very nice.

Posted by: cassie-b | Sep 13, 2009 8:56:46 PM

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