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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New England Air Museum

NewEnglandAirMuseum Wow it's been so humid and muggy lately. I really don't like it at all. I know, I know. I wouldn't be happy if it was cold and raining either but the hot muggy humidity isn't a good alternative either. Doesn't help with sleeping at night either. Maybe we will have to break down and put the AC unit into the bedroom at some point but we always avoid doing that until the last possible minute because it's just a huge pain. Well, we will see I guess.

Work has been crazy lately too. I wish things could just be calm for once before I go on a vacation but of course that never happens. Dealing with staffing issues, trying to replace one of my employees. One who is a pretty integral part of the team and our every day procedures. I am happy for her of course that she found a job in the field she was looking for but as usual the timing sucks.

Yesterday just lounged around the house, caught up with some things while Mike went out to TK's with a friend to watch the US-Ghana soccer game.

And today we went to the New England Air Museum by the Hartford Bradley airport and then a late lunch at the Cambridge House afterwards. Had a yummy cup of chili with half of a turkey-swiss sandwich. Now we are back home and going to catch up with some more shows. We are still behind on our shows, have about 15 more episodes from last season to watch. TiVo can be a curse and a blessing at the same time.

Short mail update for today. A letter is going out tomorrow to Carmen/Malta. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Nina/WA.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Williamsburg-carriage We came back to CT from Colonial Williamsburg on Wednesday. The rest of the week was pretty ok. Busy but not too bad. Had to work on Saturday but it was a pretty quiet day.

The rest of our stay in Williamsburg was really nice. Would love to go back and see it at different times of the year/seasons especially Christmas time.

Today we decided to take a ride out to the casinos. We have two very big casinos in CT (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun) but we had never been to either one until today. We went to Foxwoods since they have the Hard Rock Cafe there. Walked around first to look at everything. They also had the traveling Titanic artifact exhibit there that was really neat. We checked that out and that was pretty cool. After that we had lunch at the Hard Rock. Tried our luck at the slots for a little while but lost $40. I don't think either of us is very lucky with gambling. Oh well. All in all a fun day though and it was nice to get out of the humidity. We will have to go to Mohegan Sun some other time to compare and see how it is.

Not sure what next week will bring. I am pretty short staffed so we will see. I am already looking forward to my next vacation which is less than 4 weeks away. :) Leaving for Austria on July 14.

Short mail update for today. A letter went out to Jetta/Finland on Thursday. Received letters from/still owe replies to: none.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello from Williamsburg where the past is alive :)

Williamsburg Hello from Colonial Williamsburg. :) Stopped in Washington DC on our way down and spent Saturday night there. Had a nice dinner at the Grillfish. We have been there before and always enjoy it. Had a really yummy mixed grill seafood platter and a super delicious banana split with a black Russian fudge sauce for dessert.

Today we continued on to Williamsburg. Got here a little after noon, checked into our hotel and then explored the historical area. Definitely a really neat place and something I would recommend to everyone, especially people with kids. I think you can learn a lot about the past and history of this country by spending some time here. It's neat how they make history come alive with people in period costumes, reanactments of historical events, etc. It feels like you are part of everything while you are there.

Tomorrow we are going to check out the Jamestown, Yorktown area and then spend some more time in the historical area in Williamsburg. And Tuesday we will probably spend the morning in the historical area in Williamsburg, then have lunch and after that head back to Connecticut. About a 7 hour drive so not so so bad. Definitely having fun on our little weekend adventure. :)

Heading to dinner at the Williamsburg Lodge restaurant now. Our package we booked included a $100 gift card so we will be spending that on a nice dinner. Yumm.

Short mail update for today. A letter is going out to Jetta/Finland when we get home. Received letters from/still owe replies to: none.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Relaxed weekend

Williamsburg And another week gone by, As expected the week after Memorial Day was pretty busy and stressful. Well, some of the days anyway. We will see what this week brings.

I am looking forward to next weekend because we will be off to Colonial Williamsburg. Been wanting to go there for ages so I am really excited about that. We will probably stay in Washington DC for one night on the way down, then 2 nights in Williamsburg. Four days off from work (Sat-Tues) so that's nice. :)

My parents will be in Tuscany pretty much at the same time. As much as I am looking forward to Williamsburg I think if I had to pick between the two I would pick Tuscany. :) But of course that's a lot closer to them from Vienna as it is to us from here. I am sure we will have a great time in Williamsburg.

Didn't really do that much this weekend, just relaxed at home. Went to a pub in Stamford for a bit yesterday but other than that stayed home. Was able to catch up with a few things around the house. Made tortellini with a broccoli sauce for lunch today. Yumm.

Short mail update for today. Letters going out tomorrow to; Charles/TN and Celia/MA. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Jetta/Finland.

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