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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another busy week + Ballet

Swan-lake_1373804c Yeah, not much new in regards to what's going on at work. Still very busy, schools ending, camps starting up plus the 4th of July holiday coming up in just a week now. I am hoping it will get a tad better once we move past the 4th of July but we will see. At this point I am just looking forward to my trip to Austria. I leave on July 22nd, less than a month away now.

 This weekend I was actually off both Saturday and Sunday. Well Saturday we had to go in for a bit anyway. Today, Sunday, Mike also had to go in for most of the day for some system update. But I was able to stay home, Worked in the yard for a while (never ending battle Hanna against nature), wrote some letters, caught up on some other things. Not a bad weekend all in all.

On Wednesday I am going to NYC after work with my friend Jana to see the ballet "Swan Lake" at Lincoln Center. Never been to the ballet so that should be interesting. I have been to the theater, musicals, other performances, opera, etc. but never the ballet. It will be a nice break during a busy work week. Plus it will force me to leave work around 4:30pm so I can catch the train into NY.

 Mail Update: Tomorrow letters are going out to: Carmen/Malta and Eunice/Malta. Received letters from: Jessica/DE, Lotte/Denmark, Charles/TN, Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK and Sarah/Canada.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still busy but trying to make the best of it

Midnight+in+paris_m Work is still insanely busy, actually more so because we now also have the 4th of July holiday to deal with that's coming up in just a week and a half. So I am dealing with lots of Excel spreadsheets, trying to figure out everyone's schedule, who can get delivered on what day to make sure everyone is taken care of. Also need to set up lists so we make sure to call all these people on the right days to get their orders.

On top of that we are also changing a bunch of customer's delivery schedules starting this coming week because of the summer (no more school deliveries) so it's guaranteed that people will be all sorts of confused I am sure.

On a more fun note, went to the movies with my friend Jana yesterday and saw "Midnight in Paris"   which I really enjoyed. It was a Woody Allen movie and I usually like those because they tend to be kind of quirky. But this was actually one of his best movies I have seen I think. I won't give away too much but honestly I would completely recommend seeing it. It wasn't your typical romantic comedy at all, much more witty, nostalgic, smart and intellectual all at the same time. Hard to explain. :)

 Mail Update: Received letters from: Nina/WA, Tiffany/OK, Carmen/Malta, Eunice/Malta and Sarah/Canada.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

11412-busy-multi-tasking-assistant-secretary-woman-typing-filing-organizing-and-taking-phone-calls-clipart-illustration So here we are back to reality and every day work.  A few days before we left for our Charleston trip I had a no call-no show employee who eventually did reappear again but informed us she now has another job. So the search for a replacement began. Was in touch with temp agencies while in Charleston and able to interview the first day back. The replacement started yesterday, Monday. So far so good. Fingers crossed. :)

Needless to say work has been very busy. I know we were just on vacation but I can't wait for my next vacation at the end of July when I go to Austria for two weeks. Two weeks of relaxing and not worrying about anything. Can't wait.

 Not too much else new really. The weather has been kind of weird lately. Had really crazy heat for a few days, now it's mostly cool with showers. Today the high is only supposed to be 59F (15C) and it's pouring rain at the moment. Lovely. Oh well.

Mail Update: Mailed letters while in Charleston to: Jessica/DE, Charles/TN, Lotte/Denmark and Celia/MA. Received letters from: Tiffany/OK, Carmen/Malta, Eunice/Malta and Sarah/Canada.


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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Hello from Charleston, SC

Magnolia-bridge Having a great time here in Charleston so far. Got in on Friday around 6:30pm and had dinner at the Southend Brewery & Smokehouse, then walked around in the historic district for a bit before heading back to the hotel.

Saturday we went to the Magnolia Plantation, walked all around the grounds and gardens - super pretty. And then also did the swamp tour (another self guided walk through a neat swamp area with walkways, boardwalk, etc) which was also pretty cool. It's very hot and humid but other than that very nice. After Magnolia we headed out to Wadmalaw Island, about thirty miles south of Charleston, to see the Firefly Vodka distillery. It was cool to see the place where it all started, got to try 6 of their flavored vodkas. The lemonade one that they only sell in their store there was absolutely delicious. I could see where that could get dangerous very quickly. :) There is only a vineyard on the same property so we did the tour there and some tastings as well. When we were done we headed back towards Charleston but made a stop at Folly Beach. We didn't go swimming although the water was surprisingly super warm. Walked along the beach for a while though before heading back into Charleston. Cleaned up in the hotel and then headed out to a really cool wine bar. Had some tapas style appetizer dishes and three different wine flights. Very cool.

´╗┐Today we are heading to Savannah, GA. Planning on doing a self guided walking tour there, lunch at a brewpub, should all be fun. It's supposed to be another super hot day, around 96F, but that's just the way the weather works around here at this time of the year I guess. Well better get ready so we can leave.

Mail Update: On our flight down I wrote letters to (just need to mail them now): Jessica/DE and Charles/TN. Received letters from: Celia/MA, Lotte/Denmark, Carmen/Malta, Eunice/Malta and Sarah/Canada.

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