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Monday, July 30, 2012

CT Wine Festival Weekend

Hanna-winefestivalAnd already Monday morning again. I hate when weekends fly by that quickly. And this upcoming week will be a 6-day week too due to the fact that I have somebody out on vacation. Oh well I guess.

The past week wasn't too terrible. Wednesday I had the day off and worked in the yard for a few hours. Always feels like a battle against nature and somehow I think nature is usually winning. :) But nonetheless it's still nice to be outside for a bit. Was also going to rearrange my closet/dresser but after working outside for a while and coming back in, taking a shower, having a late lunch, I just couldn't be motivated anymore.

Saturday I worked in the morning and in the afternoon we went up to Bradley airport in Hartford, CT to meet up with an old friend. Found out that he was having a 5 hour layover there while bringing his kids back who spent the summer in Texas with him. Was nice to see him and catch up. It's been a few years since we have last seen him. He used to work at the same company Mike & I work but moved away quite a few years back.

Sunday we slept in a bit and then went to the CT Wine Festival. Always fun to go and try the different wines they have. Also bought some yummy rosemary garlic dipping oil. The weather has been pretty unstable lately. Rained the whole time we were at the festival. Luckily all the wine vendors are indoors (in a kind of barn) and the rest of the vendors set up under tents. Once we left the festival we headed to the White Horse Pub which was on our way home. Met up with our friend John there and hang out for a bit. Yummy food. Nice sitting outside by the stream too. The rain had also let up but we also were sitting under an umbrella just in case.  

Mail Update: No letters have gone out. Received letters/still owe a response to: Lotte/Denmark. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's go Mets

Hanna-CitiFieldFirst week back at work is over and all in all it wasn't too bad I suppose. Let's see what week 2 brings today. :) Have a dentist appointment for some more fillings at noon today. Not looking forward to that. So I'll be happy once that's done and over with. 

Saturday I worked (I had Thursday off though which was nice. Slept in and then spent most of the day working on my photo book for my recent Europe trip. If you are curious you can see it here)

Yesterday, Sunday, we took the train down to New York to see a Mets game. Haven't been to Citi Field this year yet so that was nice. Back in May we went to the stadium in DC to see a game when Anneliese was here but haven't been to one in NY yet. Of course the Mets lost. Always seems to go that way. They tend to play somewhat ok or even good in the first half of the season, then fall apart for the second half. Oh well. 

After the game, which actually went into extra innings (and then they embarrassingly lost in the 12th inning), we went back into Manhattan and had dinner at Chevy's (Mexican) in Times Square. Yumm. Took the train back after that and were home around 10:30pm. Long but fun day. 

Mail Update: No letters have gone out. Received letters/still owe a response to: Lotte/Denmark. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back safe and sound

MindyAnd the vacation is already over again. No idea how 2 weeks can fly by that fast but I guess it's true what they say: Time flies when you are having fun. :) I definitely had a great vacation. Great 8 days in the Provence and a great week back home in Austria. Lots of wonderful scenery, delicious food, great wine, mostly good weather, what more can one want? :)

Tomorrow it's already back to work. I am happy to be home with Mike and the cats but I honestly could do without work. ;) But I guess it's a necessary evil. Somehow the vacations and trips do need to be financed. So off to work it is tomorrow. 

Today I spent most of the day unpacking (with help of the cats of course), sorting through everything I bought and finding a place for everything/putting everything away. Quite the project every time but was able to get it done. In a little while we will probably go out to dinner. It's only 3pm now but I can definitely feel the 6 hour time difference working on me. The joys of international travel. Oh well. :)

Mail Update: Letters going out tomorrow to: Nina/WA, Charles/TN and Celia/MA. Received letters/still owe a response to:  All caught up at the moment. :) 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another update from Austria


Another quick update from Austria. We arrived back in Austria around midnight on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were very busy as well. On Monday I went into Vienna with my friend Anneliese. We walked a lot, strolled along a major shopping street browsing the various shops, and also around downtown Vienna. The picture of me was taken from the Sky Bar cafe where we had drinks. Great views of St. Stephen's Cathedral and over the roofs of Vienna.

On Tuesday I went back into Vienna and met up with three other friends. Definitely a packed schedule. Had lunch at the City Hall square with my friend Andrea, then some drinks with Claudia (and her adorable little baby son) and some more drinks and dinner with Lydia. Then back on the train and back to St. Pölten.

Today we have my great aunt's funeral at 2pm. No plan for tomorrow and Friday yet. Although Friday will be spent with trying to fit all my souvenirs back into my luggage. Then Saturday it's already time to fly back to the US. Time has flown by so much. I have no idea where these last two weeks have gone.  

Mail Update: Received letters/still owe a response to:  Nina/WA. 

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Hello from the Provence

HannaA quick update from our trip. Been posting a lot of pictures on Facebook for those of you who are friends with me on there. :) 

Been having a great time on this trip through southern France/the Provence but it's definitely been busy. Lots of sights to see each day . It's already our last night here and I thought I should at least make a quick post. 

Had a really great time and saw a lot. White horses of the Camargue, flamingos, blooming lavender fields and a ton of neat towns. Also toured Marseille which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. We were able to go on a boat tour while there as well which was nice with the hot weather.

Tomorrow we are already off again and heading towards San Remo, Italy,  heading by Nice and Monaco on the way. Some day I will definitely have to head back here with Mike so we can explore some more of our own.

Mail Update: A letter went out to Jessica/DE two days ago. Received letters/still owe a response to:  Nina/WA. 

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