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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Boston - it's been fun

IMG_20150628_134711And it is already Sunday afternoon again. Why do days off always fly by extra fast? Just not fair. But what can you do? We had a nice time so that's all that matters. 

Friday we had a yummy dinner at Legal Seafoods followed by some drinks at the hotel lobby bar. Then Saturday we decided to sleep in and have a leisurely day. For lunch walked over to the Hard Rock which is near Faneuil Hall, about a mile and a half from our hotel. Walking around Boston is always neat because there is so much to look at, a fun mix of old and new. Had a nice lunch and then walked back to the hotel.

Changed and walked over to the south side near the waterfront where the venue for the show was (about 2 miles, definitely got our share of walking in on this trip) Stopped at a beer garden/bar/pub type place and had a few drinks before heading over to the venue. Bought a shirt too. :) The show was a lot of fun despite some technical difficulties due to the rain (something zapped during one of the songs which made all the mics go out) Luckily our seats were covered from the rain. It was quite damp and chilly but still a lot of fun of course. 

We took Uber back to the hotel after the show. Ended up sleeping in again this morning as the rain and wind continued and didn't really feel like being outside or fighting the crowds at the aquarium on a rainy Sunday. Slept in, checked out and then walked over to Legal Crossings for lunch. Had yummy clam chowder and a crab and avocado salad. Some Earl Grey and now a glass of wine.

After that we will be heading back to CT. Not ready for Monday and work tomorrow. Ugh. I guess it is what it is. We will see how it goes. :) 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. A letter is going out soon to: Katie/Iowa. 

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Friday, June 26, 2015


IMG_20150626_152437Hello from Boston. :)

Spending 2 nights here (Friday-Sunday) and having a really nice time so far. Left home around 8, stopped at Starbucks for some breakfast and then continued on to Massachusetts. Checked in at our hotel (the Boston Park Plaza) which is in a really nice location just steps from Boston Commons. 

After checking in we decided to walk around and followed the Freedom Trail for most of its length. Always fun as it brings you by a lot of both pretty and historically significant locations. Had fun being touristy snapping some pictures. 

Also had some delicious strawberry gelato in the North End before eventually meandering our way back to the hotel. Walked through the park on our way back. And stopped at Starbucks to pick up one of the Boston mugs for my friend Linda in CA. 

Now back at the hotel for a bit, relaxing, washing up after being out and about. And eventually we will head back out and have dinner at Legal Seafoods. There are a bunch of locations all around the city but there also happens to be one just across the street from the hotel so that's good.

Not sure on the plan for tomorrow is yet. We might do the aquarium.  And tomorrow night we of course have tickets for the Ingrid Michaelson show. So we will see what we end up doing during the day.

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. A letter is going out soon to: Katie/Iowa. 

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cool, hot, muggy, everything

20150620_161941_resized_2And another week gone by. Busy week at work again but that probably isn't going to change for a while, until we complete our transition and changes at work. Another month to go. But looking on the bright side, also only about a month and a half until I leave for Europe, so that's good. :)

Let's see, what else is new? Had a busy but otherwise relatively uneventful week at work. Had both Saturday and Sunday off which was nice. And really didn't do all that much. Yesterday, Saturday, I dealt with a few work issues but only remotely which was still better than actually having to go in. Then in the afternoon we took the train to Darien where we had lunch at Darien Social. Weird day weather wise. It was cool, over cast with showers/rain on and off all day.

Today, Sunday, the rain mostly stopped but it is super humid instead. So it feels much hotter than it really is. Sticky and muggy. Ugh. Read a bit this morning, then went for breakfast (what a mistake by the way, forgot that it's Father's Day in the US today, since in Austria it was already celebrated last week) and stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some cheese and crackers and wine for later. Going to catch up on some more TV in a bit once I finish updating my blog.

And tomorrow it's already Monday again. Ugh. But at least it will only be a 4 day week for us as we are going to take Friday off to head up to Boston for the weekend. Going to the Ingrid Michaelson show there. Looking forward to 2 nights away from home. :)  

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a reply to: Celia/MA. A letter is going out tomorrow to: Nina/WA. 

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Busy, busy but hey it's almost summer

ImagesAnd another busy week. Lots of changes coming up at work over the next few weeks/months so there is a lot to do to prepare and take care of things. The short version is that the company we work for is changing suppliers. Doesn't sound so bad but the new company we are going to be partnering with is located in Pennsylvania which is a a bit of a ride from Connecticut/New York so all of our scheduling will need to be updated accordingly. Lots of things to figure out in our system, to coordinate and take care of things so the switch happens relatively seamless. The official change over will take place around July 12.

Good news (for me anyway) is that I leave for Europe on July 29. So  I have a very busy month and a half ahead of me but at least then I get a 2 week break. :) I will need that break because as soon as I get back I will need to get into full on preparation for the school start up. And not that long after that someone in our accounting/payroll department is due for maternity leave. So yeah, no dull moments for me in the near future. :)

Worked yesterday, Saturday. Mike hasn't been feeling great with a stomach bug of some sort so we have been taking it easy. Caught up on a bunch of TV shows yesterday and just hanging out and doing the same today. Worked from home for a bit today, went to the store and now going to catch up on some more TV stuff in a bit. 

Bought some ice cream so going to have that as well. :) The weather has definitely been very summer like these past few days so taking advantage of that by eating ice cream and lounging around in shorts and tank tops. Very happy with it after the awful winter we had. 

Mail Update: Letters went out on Friday to: Lotte/Denmark, Charles/TN and Carmen/Malta. And a letter is going out tomorrow to: Laura/Spain. 

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Busy week at work - relaxing Sunday

IMG_20150607_143419So another week gone by already. Happy June. Honestly where is this year going?  Had a very busy week at work with one of my employees out on vacation coupled with  the fact that one of the other managers was also out. Plus some problems with our delivery routes and drivers. So all that combined made for a bit of a messy 6 day week. Well let's hope for a better week next week. We will see. :)

The weather was pretty nice today so we decided to check out one of the nearby state parks (Putnam Memorial Park) for a walk. At a late lunch at Flipside Burgers in Fairfield now. Wish it wasn't already Monday tomorrow again.  Ugh. 

My parents are still enjoying their time in Croatia. Going to be there for about another week before they head back to Austria. 

Mike and I have a couple quick weekend trips coming up too which is nice. Concerts in both Cleveland and Boston towards the end of the month. 

Mail Update: Received letters from/owe a reply to: Lotte/Denmark, Charles/TN and Carmen/Malta. 

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