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Sunday, July 05, 2015

4th of July weekend

IMG_20150705_141451Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the US. We had to work both Friday and Saturday as work has been super busy and the big switch/transition is just a week away now. Managed to get out of work around 3 on Saturday.

Headed home afterwards and binge watched some of our recorded TiVo stuff. Got through 9 episodes of "Sleepy Hollow", about halfway through last season. 

Since we now live on a big hill plus are on the second floor we overlook quite a bit of the town so were able to see a bunch of the fireworks people were setting off. Was fun to see some of the prettier ones. Our cat Mindy was not impressed at all though. She hates all loud sounds like thunder or fireworks and hides in the bathroom (no windows) or in the closet or inside cabinets. 

Today we slept in and then went for a walk in Cheshire/Meriden (one of the trails we go to a lot) It was perfect because the trail runs next to the water, is flat and mostly shaded. So the humidity and heat wasn't completely unbearable at least. 

Now at a late lunch in Oxford at 121. And tomorrow is already Monday and a new work week. I can only imagine what next week will bring as we will get ready for the transition at the end of the week. 

Mail Update: Letters went out last Monday to Celia/MA and Katie/Iowa. 

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