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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fuzz Fest - Scranton, PA

IMG_20160627_192517A little behind on my updating but it's been a busy weekend so finally getting around to it. :) 

Had a busy-ish week at work, nothing too out of the ordinary I suppose. On Wednesday we were able to take a longer lunch to watch the Austria - Iceland soccer game. Unfortunately Austria lost but honestly I didn't expect a different outcome. They actually did play very well in that game and stepped it up quite a bit, just wasn't enough. So Austria didn't make it through the elimination but it's nice that they were actually in it for a change which is already more than usually happens. :) 

Saturday we worked and after work went for a leisurely late lunch at 121 in Oxford. And Sunday we headed to Scranton, PA for Fuzz Fest. The radio station in that area is called 92.1 The Fuzz. lol. So that's where the name comes from. We stayed at the same hotel where we stayed last time two years ago when we saw Paramore at the same venue. The Radisson at Lackawanna Station is a pretty neat hotel at an old remodeled/renovated train station, pretty cool. Were able to check in when we got there around noon and then headed downtown for lunch at a place called Ale Mary's. Had a great lunch, really fun spot. Afterwards stopped at the hotel bar for a glass of wine before heading up the venue. The show was at the Pavillon at Montage Mountain, a big area on top of a mountain (ski resorts in the winter, water park in the summer, a minor league baseball stadium and whatnot) It's an amphitheater and really a pretty neat venue. 

The show was epic and lasted about 6 hours with 4 acts. Andrew MacMahon, AWOL Nation, Panic at the Disco & Weezer. Pretty cool line-up. Andrew MacMahon had so much energy, running and dancing through the crowd. I wasn't into AWOL Nation all that much but I have to say they won me over by the end of their set. Panic at the Disco was absolutely amazing and Weezer was great as well. The whole thing started around 6pm and we didn't get back to the hotel till after midnight. Definitely an epic night.

Slept in a little bit Monday morning and then made our way to work to our office in Newburgh, NY which is luckily on the way from Scranton (only about 1 hr 15 min)

Here are the links to the videos I recorded if anyone's interested by the way:

Andrew MacMahon in the Wilderness - Cecilia and the Satellite

AWOL Nation - Sail 

Panic at the Disco - Victorious 

Panic at the Disco - This is gospel 

Panic at the Disco - I write sins not tragedies

Panic at the Disco - Bohemian Rhapsody 

Panic at the Disco - Bohemian Rhapsody

Panic at the Disco - Hallejujah 

Panic at the Disco - Don't threaten me with a good time 

Weezer - Bevery Hills

Weezer - I want you to 

Mail Update. Wrote a letter to Eunice/Malta. Just need to get in the mail. Hopefully today, if not tomorrow. :)  

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Back to every day life

PixlrAnd here I am, back in Connecticut and back to the daily grind so to speak. 

Arrived back here on Wednesday afternoon. Everything went pretty smooth (the flight, immigration & customs, luggage etc) so no complaints about that.  The ride back from JFK wasn't all that bad either I suppose so that was good.  

Worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Am slowly shaking the jetlag. Mostly back to normal now except I am still waking up pretty early in the morning. Not an issue on work days but today I would have enjoyed sleeping in some more. Oh well. Hardly the biggest issue. 

Yesterday after work we took the train from Danbury to South Norwalk for a late lunch at the Local Kitchen. Had a nice meal and hung out for some time before taking the train back.  

Today we decided to head to the movies to see "Love and Friendship". The weather has been nice and sunny but a bit hot to really spend any extended time outside. Would like to go for a walk or hike but we will see how the weather develops.  As summer approaches we might just need to get used to the hotter temperatures and learn to deal.

Mail Update. Wrote a letter to Jessica/DE today that should be mailed tomorrow. Still owe a letter/reply to: Eunice/Malta. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goodbye Europe ... till we meet again :)

IMG_20160614_083644And somehow it's already my last night here in Austria again. How did that happen? Where did the last 2 weeks go? Time really does fly by sometimes it feels like. 

I spent Sunday and Monday in Vienna and had a really nice time on both days. Sunday I met up with my friend Lydia. Had a great time catching up with her. We first went to the Australian pub Crossfield's (yes an Australian pub in Austria .. but it's a lot of fun) and then to the brewpub 1516. Had a great time eating, drinking and catching up. Shared a huge plate of nachos at Crossfield's and afterwards I had some buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes, fleur de sel sea salt and basil pesto at 1516. Yum. 

Monday I took the train into Vienna again and met up with Claudia for lunch at the Hard Rock. It was great to see her and catch up as well. We originally know each other from spending a study year abroad in CA (Santa Barbara) in 98-99 but have kept in touch since then. It's always fun to meet up with people and to reminiscence a bit and talk about days long past. :) It's weird because often it feels like yesterday I was in CA for my year abroad but obviously that's not true. :)

After lunch with Claudia I met up with my friend Andrea for ice cream. Well we actually ended up having iced coffee but either way. :) It's always great to see her as well. We used to live in apartments next to each other growing up, from grammar school till High School. So we have definitely known each other a really long time :)

After that I also had a class reunion to go to. About 10 people from High School, mostly my graduating class and a couple from a year below ours I believe. I only had about 20 people in my graduating class to begin with so reunions aren't those big massive events. But it's still fun to meet up, catch up, exchange some gossip etc. We ended up staying till about 10.30pm and I slept at my friend Barbara's house. Took the train back out to St. Poelten, to my parent's house, this morning.

Then today was filled with various errands, a couple dr. appts for my mom and lunch at the Heurigen (a vineyard with a small restaurant open seasonally) plus packing up all my stuff and various purchases/gifts of course. And tomorrow I am already off again, back to NYC. 

Mail Update. Mailed letters from Vienna on Monday to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. 

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Austria Update

IMG_20160610_220127Hello from Austria :) Arrived here Thursday night after our stop in Slovenia. On our way back from Ljubljana we made a stop in Styria for lunch.  Had delicious fried chicken as well as Fritattensoup. 

Yesterday, Friday, I had my appointment at the hair dresser. I wasn't sure what color I wanted to get so I made a quick decision but am happy with the end result.  Turned out very nice.  Later in the day we went over to my friend Anneliese's apartment.  Probably going to see her again in a little while tonight as well.

Today we ran some errands and bought some groceries,  half things that I want to bring back to the US, as well as things to eat while I am still here.

In a little while my aunt is going to stop by so that will be nice. Definitely been keeping busy. Tomorrow and Monday I am going to be heading to Vienna.  

Mail Update. Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. Letters should be going out on Monday when I head to Vienna and stop at the pay office. 

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Goodbye Croatia, hello Slovenia :)

IMG_20160608_151233And here we are. Already Wednesday night in Ljubljana. Time's flying as usual of course. Had a nice remaining stay in Croatia and was kind of sad to say goodbye to my balcony with the lovely view of the ocean/sea. So beautiful and blue, truly perfect.

Monday we took a trip to the Krka National Park. Took a boat ride to the waterfalls. It was kind of hot so we didn't actually walk close to the falls but I saw them from the distance. Had a lovely lunch and great time before thunderstorms started to threaten the area. Had the most delicious tuna salad with black beans, corn, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes - so good.

Tuesday we ran a few errands to pick up some gifts for people back in Austria and the US (cheese, wine and whatnot) and had another lovely lunch at the restaurant in Simuni. When we got back to the hotel in the afternoon I spent a few hours by the pool and went swimming. It was probably the hottest day so perfect to spend some time hanging out in and by the water.

Today, Wednesday, we packed up the car after breakfast and then made our way towards Slovenia. Had a delicious lunch while still in Croatia. Eventually crossed over to Slovenia and then checked into the hotel in Ljubljana. Tomorrow we will be on our way to Austria.

Lots planned for once I get to Austria. Hair dresser appointment, meet ups with friends and family both in Lower Austria and Vienna. As usual I will be busy and I am sure time will fly by. For now I still have a week to go before I have to board my plane back to NYC. Lots more food and adventures to be had so stay tuned. :)  

Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. 

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

More Croatia :)

IMG_20160605_095853And it's already Sunday again.  Why does time always fly when you are enjoying yourself? I am currently sitting on the balcony with my feet up, a glass of wine, reading "The Shell Seekers" and listening to the waves. 

Friday we drove to the island of Vir. Also stopped in Nin for a bit and bought a bunch of neat things at the salt museum gift shop (rosemary salt, basil salt, fleur de sel sea salt, olive oil and various scented bath salts) Had a great lunch close to the water. Super yum. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we took the road along the coast and drove all the way to Senj. Very pretty drive. In a way reminded me of a Croatian version of CA Highway 1. Really pretty scenery and a great drive along the coast. Had lunch in Senj and then cut through the mountains over to the highway inland to drive back to the hotel.

Today, Sunday, we drove to Primosten (about hour and a half away) and had lunch in another lovely restaurant right on the water. Had yummy fish soup and a delicious grilled fish platter with veggies, olives, etc. Cappuccino, wine,  ... life's good :)

Will see what the weather holds in store tomorrow and decide what to do then. 2 more nights here after tonight. Making the most of my time near the sea and my balcony :)

Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. 

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Croatia .. sun, sea and delicious food :)

IMG_20160602_223245And it's already Friday. Got here Wednesday and we are here into next week Wednesday.  That's when we leave for Slovenia. Staying there for a night before heading to Austria to be back there Thursday night. 

The weather has worked out in my favor so far. It's been a bit unstable with thundershowers but yesterday it cleared up right around midday so we were able to sit outside for lunch. Had a delicious fish/seafood platter in a restaurant right by the sea. Since the weather had turned out to be nice we continued on to the island of Pag and to the olive trees in Lun. It's a world heritage site with 1500 year old olive trees. Very cool. Bought some sage honey at one of the stands as well.

Later in the day after we returned to the hotel I sat on the balcony for a bit. That's when it started thundering and eventually downpouring again for a bit.  But it really didn't matter anymore at that point.

Had breakfast this morning and are now heading out as the weather is pretty nice so far again. Driving to the island of Vir. Will update again more in the next few days. 

Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. 

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Croatia Update

IMG_20160601_160628Hello from Croatia :) Here I am, in Europe, about to crash since it's past 9.30pm now and I haven't really slept. I don't think the 3ish hours on the plane and my 25 minute power nap before dinner really count. So I am definitely ready for bed.

All in all my travels went smooth and uneventful which is always good. Our friend John had to pick up his wife Jana from JFK since she was coming back from France. So that meant that Mike didn't have to drive down to JFK to drop me off and I was able to hitch a ride with John who was already going down there anyway. Traffic was fine and the check-in and security lines were short and I was able to breeze through (almost never happens these days - pretty amazing) so I had plenty of time before my flight. Was able to sit down, grab a snack and some wine before catching my flight. Nice and relaxing start to the trip.

The flight to Munich was fine as well. Watched "Paddington" and "Carol". Both movies I had wanted to see when they came out but never got to them. Got to Munich on time and grabbed a snack during my layover while waiting for my flight to Split. Had a smooth flight there as well. My parents picked me up from the airport and we drove the hour and a half back to the hotel where they are staying, in Miletici. Nice and quiet place, right by the water. My room has a balcony overlooking the sea which is great. The restaurant also has views of the water. 

Had a snack and some wine. Then relaxed in my room for a bit and tried to help out with some work stuff. All hell was breaking loose at work (always does when I or both Mike & I are on vacation it seems) so I tried to help with a few things I could do remotely. Then took a quick power nap before dinner at 7pm. Yummy spaghetti with seafood. 

Here for another week and looking forward to a week of mostly relaxing and hanging out. :) 


Mail Update: Received letters from/owe replies to: Nina/WA and Lotte/Denmark. 

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