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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's the season ...

IMG_20171210_183321_586We have a tree, up and decorated. Cookies have been baked. So it looks like we're starting to be in decent shape for Christmas. :) I still very IMG_20171209_203802_201disorganized and behind this season. I am normally very ahead of the game and organized but with everything this year it just hasn't quite worked out that way. Most of the US cards and packages were mailed yesterday. The international stuff went out a little while ago. I still have some gifts to buy and actually haven't bought anything for anyone local just yet. I guess I figured I can leave that to last. No idea what I am going to get Mike. We sort of already decided that we won't do a big gift exchange this year. I think neither of us is really into it that much this year. I know Mike already got me something small though so I will be on the lookout for something small for him at least as well.

Not sure what we are going to be doing for Christmas and New Year's yet. Christmas we don't usually do all that much anyway. Usually we just do a gift exchange Christmas morning. Mike, me, Mike's sister, niece and nephew (whoever is around) But if we are not doing a lot of gifts this year that may be a very quick affair. I dunno. We will see I guess. Other than that we may just go to the movies a few times because there are a lot of movies out and coming out that we want to see. Either way I will have a 4 day weekend for Christmas (Friday 22nd through Monday 25th) so that will be nice regardless.

New Year's I am really not sure about. Originally we had talked about going away, doing a weekend on Nantucket. But then the whole thing with Bailey came about these past few weeks and we had put the idea on hold. Just to see how things would develop. And then we decided not to go because she was needing medicine on a daily basis and that is not something that I want to delegate to somebody who is watching our cats, doesn't seem right. But well, then things took another turn and now she's not with us at all anymore. So I am really not sure. I don't know if we still want to go away now or if we are staying put. I guess it's not something that needs to be decided right this minute. Nantucket won't book out for New Year's. Not a super sought after destination this time of the year. I had only thought of it because we went to Martha's Vineyard in October the week after my birthday. We really enjoyed it so we thought we could do Nantucket for New Year's. Quiet island winter time that time of the year there but would still be fun. We'll see.

This past weekend on Saturday I put the tree up so that's done. Mike's sister helped me with it. Didn't go crazy with other deco but at least the tree is up. And on Sunday I went over to my friend Jana's apartment and we baked Christmas cookies. One of her other friends came as well and we had fun baking, decorating and chatting. Jana really is the best because she prepped all the dough the day before so we were able to get going right away. Made a bunch of cookies so some of them will definitely be given away as gifts. Just need to get some cookie tins of gift boxes first. Well, one step at a time. 

Ok, better be getting ready for work. We will see what the rest of this week brings. On Friday I have the day off for my braces appointment. Not super looking forward to it but at least I will have the day off so that's something I suppose.  Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Celia/MA and Nina/WA. .

Letter/Mail Update: Received a letter/owe a reply to: Celia/MA and Nina/WA. 

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