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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Dental Implant Surgery, Impending Snow Storm, Quarantine, ...

SnoopyI feel like it's been ages since I last posted even though that's really not true. Only been a little over a week. But anyway, let's see. I feel like a lot has happened since then. 

As I mentioned in my last post, the weekend before last I went for a Covid test. When I finally got the results back the following Tuesday night they came back positive. I guess not all that surprising since I had been in close contact with two other people who also tested positive. Mike did another test and that came back negative too and he also tested positive for antibodies so somehow he had this before and I didn't catch it at that time. Anyway, I stayed home and quarantined and then re-tested this past Friday and got a negative result. So all better again. What a weird experience it has been. Luckily my symptoms were pretty mild. But the no taste-no smell thing was the weirdest thing. Especially for somebody who loves food. And I really couldn't smell a thing for days. Mike kept holding things under my nose (spices etc) but nope, nothing. Well, luckily that has started to fade and go back to normal again. It's not a 100% but at least it's much better. So yeah, it's been very strange. I am glad I and our close friends and Mike's niece all had mild symptoms and we all of course stayed quarantined and out of people's way as soon as we found out/showed symptoms. 

Anyway, so that was that. Since I tested negative I was able to go ahead with my dental implant surgery which was scheduled for today. All in all not a terrible experience I suppose but when is going to the dentist and having someone drill around in your mouth ever any fun? I do have pain meds so hopefully that takes care of that. And will be eating soft foods for the foreseeable future. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to go back to somewhat more normal foods again. But we don't really have any big plans for Christmas so no huge deal either way I guess.

I did buy tickets to see "Wonder Woman 1984" on Christmas. We haven't been to the movies since early March I think so that will be both fun and kind of weird. I am looking forward to it. And the theater is only selling tickets at 50% capacity plus enforcing social distancing and masks. So should be fine.

Not too much else has happened I guess. Due to having to quarantine I was able to get all of my Christmas cards and mail done so that was one positive side effect. Although god knows when they will actually get to people. Especially overseas mail seems like a random gamble right now. I know my friend in Spain got my card and so did a friend in the UK but people in Austria have not. Guess we'll see if they eventually show up. 

I am off tomorrow to continue recuperating from the dental surgery. Just going to have a quiet day. Sleep in, make some mashed potatoes and binge more "Poldark". :) And then tomorrow night we also have our work Holiday Happy Hour via Zoom. So hopefully I'll feel ok enough by then. And we also have a crazy snow storm forecasted with 12 to 16 inches for our area. So yeah, not going anywhere, just going to stay put. 

Mail Update: Received a letter from/owe a response to: Nina/WA. 

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