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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Excited for our vacation .. just a week and a half to go

FB_IMG_1537837850967And here we are. January 29th, almost February. We leave for Europe on February 8th. Can't wait.  It will be so nice to go on a true vacation and together with Mike. Don't get me wrong I very much enjoy my trips to Austria to see my mom and spend time but it's a different type of trip than going on a real vacation together with Mike, doing sightseeing and exploring a new city. This trip will include two new cities for us, Barcelona and Lisbon. So that should be a lot of fun. The last Europe trip we did together was in December of 2019 to Austria and Croatia, pre Covid. This trip is just a week, Wednesday to Wednesday, and I know it will fly by so fast but I really can't wait.  

This past week was busy but all in all a normal week i guess.  The weekend flew by which it always seems to do. Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Rizzutos for lunch and at night were invited over to our friends John and Janas house for game night along with some other friends.  We ended up staying till after midnight and didn't get to bed till almost 1am.

Slept in today and then had lunch at Broken Symmetry. And now hanging out at Rosys before going home to catch up on some TV. 

Mail Update: All caught up! 

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