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Tuesday, December 30, 2003



Had an ok day today. My morning was pretty uneventful and I got to leave work around 2 o'clock which was nice. I had some personal time left that I had to use before the year is over.

I decided to spend the afternoon at the mall which was lots of fun of course. :) I had some money saved up from my birthday so I decided to blow it on all the good Post-Christmas Sales.

There were definitely a bunch of great deals out there (got 50 % off on a few things) and I am very happy with all the stuff I bought.

Here are all the things I bought: A sweater, a black shirt, nice pants, another shirt, a frame, some Christmas cards (stocking up for next year *g*), a bunch of lotions, shower gels, body sprays and soaps at Bath and Body Works and a really great jacket. I have been wanting a jacket like that for a while now so I was very happy to find one for such a great price.

After my little shopping spree I walked back over to where I work (the mall is right across the street from Mike's and my workplace) cause Mike was still at work finishing up a big project he has been working on.

When we get out of here we will go grocery shopping and probably call it a night after that.

It's already New Year's Eve tomorrow. Where has the year gone ? We won't be doing anything big really. I plan on making some spinach dip and having some appetizers. We will have a quiet evening and watch New Year's Eve at Times Square on TV (just too many people for me - I couldn't handle actually being there myself).

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