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Friday, October 01, 2004

Dinner + Movies

Had another busy few days as usual. Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be able to sneak out at 5 pm though since I was going out with my friend Sharon. Had a yummy dinner at Ruby Tuesday's followed by some shopping at the mall. I was able to get a real bargain on a Yankee Candle (Pumpkin Pie). For all of you who know me I'm a huge Yankee Candle lover so I was very happy to get a new candle. :)
Afterwards we headed over to the movie theater to watch "Wimbledon" starring Kirsten Dunst. It was your typical chick flick but I really enjoyed it.
I am glad it's Friday but I still have to get through another day at work tomorrow. I really don't enjoy working Saturdays anymore cause they just tend to drag out. But oh well. :)

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Have a great weekend.
I just might go and see that movie. I'm in the mood for a good chick flick.


Posted by: cassie-b | Oct 2, 2004 4:10:44 PM

I also like their air fresheners for the truck. I don't think I could handle pumpkin pie though, cause I'd never make it home from work without stopping off at a bakery.

Posted by: Leslie | Oct 3, 2004 2:43:34 PM

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