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Friday, August 11, 2006

Crazy work, long week, new picture link ....

Dano I have been meaning to update for ages but somehow haven't gotten around to it. :( This week somehow does not want to end. I know it's Friday today and I am off Saturday + Sunday but it seems like it took forvever to get there. Monday I didn't get into work until noon but stayed till 7 to close. Tuesday was 8 to 6:30, Wednesday was 7:45 to 2:30, Thursday 8 to 6:30.

Here's a new link for the pictures from California. I noticed that a few people weren't to access the pictures so here's a different link. I hope it works this time. :)

Wednesday we went down to New York City to meet up with my pen pal Sarah from Canada. We have been writing for ages (I have been trying to remember when we started writing but I know it's been a LONG time). She's from Ontario, about an hour outside of Toronto. It was great to be able to finally meet up with her. We took her to our favorite Italian pizza place Arturo's in the Village. Very yummy. I took a picture of us at Aturo's so I'll make sure to post that at some point.

Today is an annoying day at work. Why are Fridays always super crazy ? I call it the Friday curse. At least I am not working tomorrow. We are going to the Finger Lakes region in upstate NY tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that, will be fun. We are going to a Heurigen. I have never seen a Heurigen in the US so that's exciting. It's a vineyard/small restaurant type place, they are very popular in the East of Austria around Vienna.

Short mail update. This week I have written letters to Angela/Virginia, Lexi/DC, Kirsty/UK, Guilia/Italy, Nicki/Australia, Caroline/Scotland and Jo/UK.

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