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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More rain and a stupid cold

Another rainy day. :( It's been pretty much raining since Saturday, some days more, some days less. The baseball game we were supposed to go to on Sunday got cancelled because of the rain (not till we were already soaking wet of course) but at least we still got to have a yummy dinner at Iguana in NY. A really yummy Mexican place recommended by my friends Lexi and Kirsty.

Been fighting a cold since the weekend. Sniffles .. sneezing .. congestion .. sore throat .. all my teeth are aching (most likely from my sinuses) and now I can't seem to even smell or taste anything anymore. Argh. :( Oh well ... I guess I'll get through this too. LOL.

It's 7:30 and I am home, had dinner, cleaned the kitty litter, did the dishes, made the bed, .. and repeat it's only 7:30. I have been home since about 6 pm. Very weird since we haven't left work until almost 7 every night last week. Why did I get to escape earlier today you ask ? Well I had a doctor's appt at 5:15. at my OB-Gyn (just the yearly exam). Not exactly the most fun reason to leave work early but hey whatever works. Right ?

Not much else new. Short mail update. Mailed letters out on Monday to Jessica/DE, Deanna/PA (intro), Steff/ME and Lexi/DC. Received letters/need to reply to: Hayley/UK, Alison/UK, Tiffany/OK, Becki/MI, Rebecca/FL, Celia/MA and Pamela/FL. Also need to write another letter to Natalia/Poland. Not having much luck with the mail lately. Don't you hate it when mail gets lost ?

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rainy Day

Such a rainy gloomy day today. This week is finally over - thankfully. We didn't get out work till about 9:15 pm last night, then went to have dinner and didn't get home till 11:30 or so. What a week.

Didn't really do all that much today. Got up late, made hot dogs for lunch ... been having a lot of tea with honey & lemon cause I woke up with a sore throat. Argh. We are supposed to go to another baseball game tomorrow - I just hope that the weather won't be terrible. I don't feel like sitting in the rain for hours. Well, I guess we'll just have to see what the weather forecast is like for tomorrow.

Short mail update. Finally sent out the letters to Charmain/Malta and Panagiota/Switzerland. Also mailed a letter to Melanie/Ohio yesterday. So far have written a letter to Jessica/Delaware that needs to be mailed out on Monday. Also got mail from Lexi/DC and Becki/MI today.

Well, that's all for now. Chatting with my friend Joanne on MSN Messenger right now, might write some letters later. We will see I guess. :)
Oh before I forget here is the link to our pictures from the weekend at the Finger Lakes two weeks ago. Go take a look ! :)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is this week over yet ?

It's Tuesday and somehow this week feels like it's been an eternity long already. Yesterday we didn't get out of work until after 7:30. And then headed out to dinner but were looking at some papers for work over dinner.

Today we didn't get out until around 6:30. But the whole day was just crazy busy, so much going on. The schools are starting up again which always causes a lot of work ... pre-organization for Labor Day ... plus being short-handed today. I am not sure if tomorrow is going to be any better but we'll see I guess.

Short mail update. I still have letters sitting here that need to be mailed out to Charmaine/Malta and Panagiota/Switzerland. I'll get to the post office sooner or later - promise. Mailed a letter out to Kirsty/UK today and received a letter from Rebecca/Florida. Also still owe a reply to Tiffany/Oklahoma. For the most part I'm doing pretty good with my letters I guess.

I feel like I need to do something to de-stress. Mike suggested watching a movie ... maybe we'll do that or maybe I'll read a book or something. I just need to do something to de-stress so I can face another day at work tomorrow.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Random Update

Very quick update. I thought I haven't updated in a few days so I should write something. :) I took the pictures from our trip last weekend off the camera today .. but haven't put them online yet so no pictures just yet. Sorry I'll get around to that soon - promise. :)

Not too many news otherwise. I know I didn't do a mail update in my last post. I am getting sloppy with that. Let's see if I can remember who I have written letters to recently.

Mailed letters out to: Barbara/Linz, Nadine/Tenerife, Charles/TN, ... I'm sure there was more ... but I am completely spacing out right now.
Have letters written that need to be mailed out to: Charmaine/Malta and Kirsty/UK.
Also have letters that need a reply: Panagotia/Switzerland, Kirsty/UK and Tiffany/Oklahoma.

Managed to answer most of my emails today so that's good. Work was fairly uneventful today - also good. Got to talk to my lovely friend Joanne for a while on MSN Messenger today - also very good. :) So all in all it was a pretty good day I suppose.

Made spagethi with a mushroom/onion/garlic sauce for dinner which was pretty yummy. Tomorrow we are going to a baseball game (NY Mets vs. Colorado) and probably to dinner afterwards. I wish I could sleep in but it will be fun to go out I guess - I am looking forward to eating a hotdog at the game. :)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nice weekend, busy week

Thsnoopy This week is getting away from me somehow. Can't believe that tomorrow is already Thursday. I guess in a way it's good because that means that the weekend is closer but I am working on Saturday so that's not really all that much help.

Last weekend was really nice.The Finger Lakes region is really pretty. Very rural, lots of nice lakes, vineyards, rolling hills. We went wine tasting at a few wineries along the Seneca Wine Trail. Lots of fun. :) Then for dinner we went to the Heurigen which was really neat. We sat outside overlooking Seneca Lake and had yummy wine and Austrian food. I had schnitzel and potato salad, Mike had knockwurst and cucumber salad. We also had bread and some spaetzle. Yum. For dessert I had Gugelhupf (a pound cake) and Mike had a Hungarian dessert. We also got to meet the owner Dano who was very pleased to be able to talk to somebody in German. I hope to be able to go back some day soon.

Sunday we went to Watkins Glen State Park which was really pretty. It's a really nice trail with lots of waterfalls along the way. I really enjoyed it. Afterwards we had lunch near the lake and then headed back home to CT. A really nice weekend.

Well, now we are back home and work has been really busy since I have a girl on vacation in my department this week PLUS lots of other things going on. The schools are about to start back up real soon which always means a lot of work scheduling everything plus we are really short on drivers so we are just barely scraping by each day it seems. Next week will be a real tight squeeze too.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Crazy work, long week, new picture link ....

Dano I have been meaning to update for ages but somehow haven't gotten around to it. :( This week somehow does not want to end. I know it's Friday today and I am off Saturday + Sunday but it seems like it took forvever to get there. Monday I didn't get into work until noon but stayed till 7 to close. Tuesday was 8 to 6:30, Wednesday was 7:45 to 2:30, Thursday 8 to 6:30.

Here's a new link for the pictures from California. I noticed that a few people weren't to access the pictures so here's a different link. I hope it works this time. :)

Wednesday we went down to New York City to meet up with my pen pal Sarah from Canada. We have been writing for ages (I have been trying to remember when we started writing but I know it's been a LONG time). She's from Ontario, about an hour outside of Toronto. It was great to be able to finally meet up with her. We took her to our favorite Italian pizza place Arturo's in the Village. Very yummy. I took a picture of us at Aturo's so I'll make sure to post that at some point.

Today is an annoying day at work. Why are Fridays always super crazy ? I call it the Friday curse. At least I am not working tomorrow. We are going to the Finger Lakes region in upstate NY tomorrow. I am really looking forward to that, will be fun. We are going to a Heurigen. I have never seen a Heurigen in the US so that's exciting. It's a vineyard/small restaurant type place, they are very popular in the East of Austria around Vienna.

Short mail update. This week I have written letters to Angela/Virginia, Lexi/DC, Kirsty/UK, Guilia/Italy, Nicki/Australia, Caroline/Scotland and Jo/UK.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Update

Very quick update. Mostly I just wanted to share the link to our California pictures. I finally uploaded them so you can all take a look. :)

Not too much else new. Work was rather uneventful yesterday. Got out at about 3 pm and then managed to write a few letters in the afternoon. Wrote intro-letters to Becki/Michigan, Lene/UK and replies to Kirsty/UK, Natalia/Poland, Steff/Maine and Carmen/Germany.

Today I haven't written a single letter but at least got the California pictures uploaded so that's at least somewhat of an accomplishment. Later today we are going to a baseball game in NY. Mets against Philadelphia. It doesn't start until 8:05 pm so we won't be home until late. I managed to arrange my schedule so I don't have to go into work until noon tomorrow. So at least I'll be able to get some sleep.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crazy heat, crazy work, ...

Ok very quick update as I am about ready for bed.  The last few days have just been so hectic and busy. And the crazy heat did NOT help. It was just way too hot and humid.

Tuesday night we broke down and decided to get an AC unit. Of course every store was sold out so we had to drive to Orange, CT (about 50 min drive) to get one. On the way there we encountered a wicked thunderstorm with trees across the road, part of bushes and branches flying all over the place, rain blowing sideways. We finally did get the AC and brought it back home. By the time we got it all hooked up it was like midnight and we spent yet another night sleeping in super hot humidity.
Last night we decided to bring the mattress into the livingroom since the bedroom was still so hot. The livingroom is nice now with the AC working. So we slept in the livingroom instead. :)

Work's been busy with having to train a new person. My other new person didn't work out and just disappeared off the face of the earth. I hate when that happens. So I am back to training and working till 7 every night. Oh well, I guess the overtime will be good for our next vacation. :)

Short mail update. Letters received from: Natalia/Poland, Kirsty/UK (2), Steff/Maine, Barbara/Linz, Angela/Virginia and Lexi/DC.
Wrote two letters tonight, one to Kirsty, one to Lexi. I really need to catch up with my mail. Well, tomorrow is another day. I really need some sleep now. :)

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am gonna die


This is nuts. And we have no air-conditioning at home. I think I might bring a sleeping bag and stay at work for the next few days. :)

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