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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Update

And it's already Sunday night again. I can't believe how fast weekends fly by. I guess it didn't help that I worked on Saturday and didn't get out until about 6:30 pm. I shouldn't complain cause I haven't had to work that late on a Saturday in a long time. Usually when I work Saturdays nowadays I just cover the order entry shift where I get out at about 3. It kind of brought back memories from when I used to do that job before I got promoted to supervisor/manager.

Let's do a quick mail update. Received letters from Guilia/Italy, Jessica/Delaware, Carmen/Germany, Nicki/Australia, Jo/UK and intro-letters from Jetta/Finland, Becky/Michigan and Lene/UK.

I have done letters today to Jessica/Delaware, Tiffany/Oklahoma and Wendy/California. I know not a super productive day but what can I say ? The heat is just getting to me plus I was procrastinating watching the season 6 finale of Friends (where Chandler proposes to Monica).

Also made dinner. Vegetable frittata. It came out pretty good. It's my attempt of eating healthier. Let's see how that works out. :) I guess it all depends on the craziness at work and whatever else happens.

PS: Good news on the travel horizon. We booked our flights for our New Year's/January vacation. We are flying Dec. 30th from NY to Miami to meet up with Kirsty and Laraine (who are there for New Year's from the UK). Then we are heading on to San Antonio/Texas Jan. 1st until Jan. 6th to meet up with my parents (who are there for a vacation from Austria). Then we'll head back to NY. So lots of traveling and planes for us in a short time span. We'll need a vacation after we get back from our vacation. :)The great part about this though is that we did most of this with our saved up airmiles so we didn't have to pay much at all. Yay for airmiles.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Red-eyes suck :(

So I am back home and so tired. Red eye flights really suck. The only good part was that we got to the airport really early and were able to change our seats to exit-row seats (we have never gotten so lucky TWICE - we were able to change them to exit-row seats on the way there too). The legroom is just a thousand times better in those rows.

The flight left at about 10 pm and got into Hartford, CT at about 6:30 a.m. We got our luggage and headed home for a few minutes to feed the cats and drop the luggage off - then straight to work.

I guess all in all the day at work wasn't so so bad. It could have been a thousand times worse but working on almost no sleep is just no fun. I am still at work waiting for Mike to wrap things up. As always there were a million things waiting for us that needed attention or to be fixed etc.

Well, I am mainly blogging so I can try and stay awake. Otherwise I might crash my head into the keyboard here at my desk and that might not look so good. Very short mail update: While on vacation I wrote letters to Nadine/Spain, Rebecca/Florida, Charles/TN, Neva/MD, Pamela/Florida, Tiffani/Texas and Nova/Utah. I haven't checked what mail I have received yet (we held our mail at the post office) but I'll update once I know. :)

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

And the world is the good again ...

SbcafeI can say with absolute certainty that everything is ok with the world at this particular moment. I am sitting at a Starbucks in Carpenteria, CA enjoying an Earl Grey tea, watching the hustle and bustle inside and outside the shop, looking up at the mountains in the background as the morning fog slowly desolves and the sun comes out.

It's so weird. I never know how much I miss the Santa Barbara area until I come back to it. It puts me so much at peace. I feel at home and there is something inside of me that stirrs and just makes me happy. It's a really weird feeling to describe.

It is weird because I feel in a similiar way when I return back to Austria and I guess I would probably feel about the same about the East Coast if I ever was away from it long enough. :) I guess the bottom line is that I have 3 homes and I guess it's a blessing and a curse at the same time. It's wonderful to feel so much at home in 3 places but it's also incredibly sad every time I have to leave.

Anyway, we walked up and down State Street in Santa Barbara last night and made sure that all my favorite spots and restaurants are still there. I am happy to report that for the most part at least all the important stuff is still the same. It's been almost 8 years now since I first came to live here but not all that much has changed really.

Our Ford Mustang convertible is awesome. We had the top down all the way from the airport to Santa Barbara and it was a great ride. Today we are going back down to the Getty Museum in L.A. And maybe we will take a drive through the mountains on our way back up. We'll see. For now I am just very HAPPY. Probably happier and more relaxed than I have been in a long time.....

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

California - here we come :)

I can't believe this vacation has really come up this quickly. We are off to Santa Barbara tomorrow already. I am of course excited but can't shake that usual feeling that I am forgetting something, either packing-wise or at work.

But I guess we aren't going abroad, only to California, so if I forgot anything at work I can always call them on my cell phone at some point. I hope everything goes ok at work but I guess I can't worry about it while I am gone. They will just have to get by without me. :)

I am packed and should be getting to bed soon because I need to get up at 3:30 am. Our flight leaves at 7:15 out of Hartford so we need to drive there, park the car, check-in etc. We want to try and check in fairly early because the seats that were assigned to us were in separate rows, both middle seats (argh) Hopefully we'll be able to change them at the airport. Otherwise that will be a miserable 5 hours.

Well, I might be able to update from California. If I don't get around to it .... see you when I get back Tuesday next week. :)

PS: Small mail update: Also wrote letters to Lexi/DC, Angela/Virginia, Kirsty/UK (this is going to get confusing with our multiple letters going on) and Kimber/Canada. Received letters from Charles/TN, Neva/MD and  Rebecca/Florida.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Very short mail update. So far I have written letters to Kirsty/UK and Natalia/Poland. Need to get more done though. So I better get back to writing letters. :) I also need to make dinner at some point soon.

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Yay for Snoopy

Ok I did it. I broke down and got a paid Livejournal account. I know I also have the paid Typepad account but I guess it was only a matter of time. I am a sucker for fun stuff and it wasn't that expensive. 19.95 for one year. Now I can have 35 userpics (yay) which was my main reason for getting it I suppose. I also changed my layout to a Snoopy layout. LOVE it. Go check it out here. Even though I realized afterwards that I could have done that with a free account too. But oh well .... I am still excited about the userpics and I am excited that I have my Snoopy layout.

One question though. (maybe someone on here has a LJ account too) Does anybody out there know anything about editing the HTML in the LJ layouts ? I don't like the fact that the back/forward function on the journal is sort of messed up. It's hard to explain but you know how you usually have a button at the bottom of the page to go backwards and see older entries. Well this layout doesn't have that. It just has the "go back ten", "go back twenty", "go back thirty" options. But it won't go past a certain point. I just want it to go backwards and forward, that's all. I am assuming that that would be a fairly simple change. Any LJ wizards out there or any communities you can recommend ?
I had this all sort of figured out on Typepad but am a total beginner on LJ. Argh.

So I have managed to waste most of the day with talking to Kirsty online, then getting the paid LJ account. messing around with the new layout, uploading new userpics, .. etc.
I should write letters in a bit. I am so behind on my mail. As always.
Short mail update: Received letters from: Angela/Virginia, Kirsty/UK, Lexi/DC, Jennifer/CA (intro), Neva/MD (intro) and Pamela/Florida.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quick update

And another week gone by. I so meant to update over the weekend last weekend but somehow that never happened. Anyway, just a really quick run-down of what I have been up to along with a short mail-update.

Saturday we didn't really do much. Well, Mike cut the bushes outside and I helped him rake up some of the stuff and then Mike mowed the lawn. But other than that the day was fairly uneventful. Saturday night we watched "Swimming Pool" which was an ok movie. It wasn't your normal main stream movie but somehow quite intriguing I guess.

Sunday we went out for breakfast to a diner. I ordered French Toast -- yum yum yum. :) I love going out for breakfast. So fattening but so good. :)
Then we went back home, watched the baseball game on TV and afterwards went out to the movies to see "Click". I really liked the movie. It was funny but made you think at the same time. If you haven't seen it already go see it. :)

Managed to write a bunch of letters over the weekend so Monday letters went out to: Hayley/UK, Steff/Maine, Carmen/Germany, Nina/Washington, Cheryl/Mauritius, Kirsty/UK. Hope I am leaving anyone out. Since then I have received letters from: Natalia/Poland, Wendy/California, Jessica/Delaware (replied to that one on Tues), ... I hope I am not forgetting anyone.

Been crazy busy at work. Monday I let someone go at work. Tuesday I had her replacement starting so I have been busy training her. It's the closing position so I am working till 7 every night. Grrr. But I guess it's good money since we will be going on vacation next week. I haven't quite wrapped my mind around the fact that we are going next week already. Strange. :) But in a good way I guess. :)

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

July zipping by

And it's already July 6th. I know this month is just gonna fly by like the beginning of the year. I can't believe that it's already July and I have this feeling that I have said this every month this year so far. Spring just flew by.

I am still sortta bored. Right now I am actually at work waiting for Mike to finish up a few things. I have A LOT of letters to reply to so I guess I should do that after dinner. I haven't been very good with my letters this week although I almost caught up over the weekend. I wrote 7 letters on Sunday. :)

So Monday letters went out to: Kirsty/UK, Lexi/DC, Jessica/Delaware, Caroline/Scotland, Alison/UK, Jo/UK and Angela/Virginia.
Since then I have received letters from: Hayley/UK, Steff/Maine, Tiffany/OK, Carmen/Germany, Tiffani/Texas, Nina/Washington, Nadine/Tenerife, ... I hope I am not forgetting anyone.

And I am all screwed up with the holiday being this past Tuesday (July 4th). I can't keep my days straight. I guess it's good that it's Friday already tomorrow. And I am off on Saturday and Sunday. YAY. :)

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Saturday, July 01, 2006


God I am so bored. If procrastination was an art I think I would have perfected it by now. I have 12 letters to write but instead I have been surfing the web aimlessly the whole afternoon. I came home from work around 4 pm and since have not accomplished anything.

Well, I made dinner at some point but before and after that I have just surfed the web. Browsing Livejournal, browsing Interpals, checking out random sites and pretty much just doing nothing. I hate when I get like that.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more energetic and be able to catch up on my mail. I can hear the 4th of July fireworks that are happening at the lake. I wish we could see them too. Oh well.

Mail Update: Have received letters from Kirsty/UK, Lexi/DC, Alison/UK, Nova/Utah, Nadine/Tenerife, Jessica/Delaware, Caroline/Scotland, Jo/UK and Angela/Virginia.

Since my last update I have mailed letters out to: Barbara/Linz, Charmaine/Malta, Michelle/Canada and Pamela/Florida.

I want to do something exciting !

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