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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Up, up and away

Somehow it hasn't quite clicked with me yet but later today I will be on a plane to Europe. My flight leaves out of Newark airport at 9:50 p.m. I am connecting in Frankfurt/Germany and will land in Vienna/Austria at 2:10 p.m. on Monday.

There's a real heatwave going on in Austria right now which is ok with me. My parents have a pool so I will just take a quick swim in the pool if I get too hot. :) On Wed (18th) I will be off to Switzerland and Italy with my parents for 4 nights. We will be back in Austria on Sunday (22nd). Then I will get to spend 2 more days in Austria before flying back to the US on Wednesday (25th).

It will be nice to be away from work for 10 days. This past week has just been really busy and hectic. I hope that we will enter a less busy period at work at some point soon. Usually it goes in cycles so let's hope that we enter a down cycle. Poor Mike will be stuck at work while I am gone but at least he can keep an eye on my department and my employees while I am gone. :)

Not sure how much I will be able to update while I am in Europe. If I don't get around to it I will make sure to post when I get back. :) Keep me updated on any of your news.
Mail Update: Letters going out tomorrow to: Kirsty/UK and Celia/MA.
Received letters from/owe replies to: Kimber/Canada, Tiffany/OK, Lexi/DC, Jessica/DE, Tizz/Denmark and an intro-letter from Jennifer/MO.

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