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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Florida update

Southermostkey_west Here I am again, really quick, from Florida. New Year's Eve was really great. We had a really nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and the weather was so nice we were able to sit outside. Even after midnight it was still so warm. We sat right next to the ocean and could see the yachts go by. :)

New Year's Day we took it easy for the most part. Mike and I walked along the boardwalk here in Hollywood Beach, bought a new bikini for myself and then went swimming in the ocean again.

Yesterday the weather cooled down quite a bit so no more swimming in the ocean (at least for right now). We took a daytrip to Key West which was a lot of fun. It's neat to be driving through the keys. Walked around Key West and to the southernmost point in the US. Spent the day, bought some souvenirs, had keylime pie and then made our way back to Hollywood, FL.

Today we went to Ft. Lauderdale to an antique car museum and a historical house. Afterwards had a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory which was absolutely yummy but VERY filling. I think I am going to be skipping dinner tonight. :) After we got back to the hotel I wrote my postcards so I can mail those tomorrow.

Mail update. Letters went out on Wednesday to: Alison/UK, Celia/MA, Carmen/Malta, Tiffany/OK and Caroline/Scotland. Received letters from/still owe replies to: Michelle/Canada, Alex/Germany and Jetta/Finland. Also still owe a re-write to Natalia/Poland.

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